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Jedward have claimed they’re being lined up to represent Ireland at Eurovision for the second year in a row. The irritating pop duo, who finished eighth in this year’s contest, told MTV that they’re set to do it all over again in 2012. And they’ve also promised their new track will be better than their entry this year, ‘Lipstick’.
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Jedward and Blue may have lost at this year’s Eurovision but they are now riding high in the European iTunes chart. The twins, who represented Ireland in the competition, came eight with their entry ‘Lipstick’, whilst the UK’s entry Blue finished in eleventh place. Now both bands are receiving large success across Europe after Saturday nights (May 14) show in Dusseldorf. Blue are currently number three in Germany, five in Austria, six in Sweden and six in Switzerland. While, Jedward are number two in the German iTunes chart. Meanwhile, Jedward were given a heroes welcomes as they arrived back in Ireland following their eighth place finish in the Eurovison Song Contest.
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Jedward are ready to take their career global after their Eurovision performance. John and Edward, whose song, Lipstick, bagged the number eight spot, reckon it has completely kick started their fame. Edward says: “If our plans work, we’re going to take over Europe, we’re going to go to Oz. “We’re going on a big massive European tour. We’re doing so well with the song, Lipstick.” The twins say Eurovision helped them to meet people they want to collaborate with, including Germany’s Eurovision entrant, Lena, who sang Taken By A Stranger. They claim the producer RedOne, who’s written songs for Lady Gaga, now wants to work with them. Jedward say he’s been in talks with their manager, Louis Walsh.
POSTED: 17/05/11– Source: BBC Newsbeat

More than nine million viewers in the UK watched Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest, according to early estimates. The audience peaked at 12.7m towards the end of the show as Azerbaijan won, while the average viewing figure for the three-hour broadcast was 9.5m. This compared with 5.5m viewers in 2010, when the UK came last with a previously unknown act, Josh Dubovie. Boy band Blue, this year’s UK entry, and Ireland’s Jedward generated greater interest in the annual contest.
POSTED: 16/05/11– Source: BBC News Online

Azerbaijan has been crowned the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Germany, while the UK came 11th. Eldar Gasimov and Nigar Jamal of Ell/Nikki were voted Europe’s favourites, after scoring 221 points with their love song, Running Scared. Newly reformed band Blue notched up 100 points, whilst Ireland’s entry, X Factor twins Jedward, finished eighth. Italy’s Raphael Gualazzi took second place, followed by Eric Saade from Sweden. It is the first time that Azerbaijan has won the contest in its 56-year history, having only joined Eurovision in 2008. Although Jamal was born in Azerbaijan, she currently lives in north London with her husband and two daughters. On receiving the trophy, Gasimov said he was the “the happiest man in the world”. It was another disappointing year for the UK, which has not won the competition since 1997, when Katrina and the Waves triumphed with Love Shine a Light. However, Blue managed to notch up a respectable score compared with last year’s entry, who came last with only 10 points. At one early stage during the voting process Bulgaria and Italy both awarded the UK high scores, making it briefly top of the results table. Host Graham Norton joked: “Quick, someone take a picture.” Last year’s winner Lena Mayer-Landrut, who represented Germany again, beat the UK by seven points to finish 10th. Viewers at home in all 43 competing nations voted for their favourite song by phone or text message, which accounted for half of each country’s vote. The other 50% was determined by five-member expert juries in each participating country. Two rounds of semi-finals held earlier in the week whittled the competitors down to 25 finalists. The event, which was hosted by Anke Engelke, Judith Rakers and Stefan Raab, attracted 35,000 to the Fortuna Düsseldorf Arena.
POSTED: 15/05/11– Source: BBC News Online

From 21:00 to 23:00 on May 12th, the Second Semi-Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest was held. The show was hosted by Judith Rakers, Anke Engelke and Stefan Raab. Out of the 19 countries that were represented in the First Semi-Final, the following qualified for the Final, to be held on May 14th (in the order of the announcement in the live show, running order drawn during the winners press conference in brackets):

  • Estonia (Running order position in the Final: 8)
  • Romania (Running order position in the Final: 17)
  • Moldova (Running order position in the Final: 15)
  • Ireland (Running order position in the Final: 6)
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina (Running order position in the Final: 2)
  • Denmark (Running order position in the Final: 3)
  • Austria (Running order position in the Final: 18)
  • Ukraine (Running order position in the Final: 23)
  • Slovenia (Running order position in the Final: 20)
  • Sweden (Running order position in the Final: 7)

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Out of the 19 countries that were represented in the First Semi-Final, the following qualified for the Final, to be held on May 14th (in the order of the announcement in the live show, running order drawn during the winners press conference in brackets):

  • Serbia (Running order position in the Final: 24)
  • Lithuania (Running order position in the Final: 4)
  • Greece (Running order position in the Final: 9)
  • Azerbaijan (Running order position in the Final: 19)
  • Georgia (Running order position in the Final: 25)
  • Switzerland (Running order position in the Final: 13)
  • Hungary (Running order position in the Final: 5)
  • Finland (Running order position in the Final: 1)
  • Russia (Running order position in the Final: 10)
  • Iceland (Running order position in the Final: 21)

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Jedward’s preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest have been sent into chaos after John Grimes injured his ankle during rehearsals. John is set to perform in a wheelchair when the pair represent Ireland at the annual contest on May 14, reports The Sun. The ‘singer’ damaged ligaments after apparently “dancing like a gimp” while working on his routine with brother Edward. John has apparently mastered the skill of being able to “dance and wheelie across the stage at the same time”.
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Jedward have reportedly been told that they can not have tigers on stage during their Eurovision performance. The twins will represent Ireland at the contest with their single ‘Lipstick’ next month. According to The Sun, plans for their performance had included two of the animals. However, they have now been forced to reconsider after show bosses in Germany declined to grant them permission.
POSTED: 28/04/11– Source: Digital Spy

Blue have said they are livid at the lack of radio support for their Eurovision Song Contest song ‘I Can’, according to the tabs today (April 27). The Daily Mirror has picked up on figures from radio monitoring website MyRadio, which show that ‘I Can’ has only been played 22 times on UK radio so far – leading to suggestions that they could follow the same fate as British Eurovision flops Josh Dubovie and Jemini. And adding insult to injury, BBC Radio 2 – the UK’s Eurovision radio station – have given the track ‘nul points’ by not even playlisting it.
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Eurovision hopefuls Blue have been backed by Robbie Williams – and Sir Cliff Richard. Cliff, 70 – runner-up in 1968 with Congratulations – gives the lads tips in a BBC1 show about their campaign. He said: “A young pop band with good-looking guys singing great songs can win this and get 100million people watching them at the same time. “Blue have got a better chance than most people I remember.” And Robbie Williams, 37, told Eurovision: Your Country Needs Blue: “Blue are going to do really well. “They’ve got as good a shout as anybody. Good luck, bring it home.”
POSTED: 15/04/11– Source: The Sun

Reunited quartet Blue have unveiled the “anthemic” track they will be taking to Eurovision this year, insisting taking part will not be “career suicide”. “We felt quite privileged to be asked,” singer Duncan James told reporters on Thursday. “How many opportunities do you get to represent your country?” Blue will perform the song, I Can, on Graham Norton’s BBC One show on Friday. Band member Simon Webbe is adamant the track will not receive the dreaded “nul point”. “We don’t see this as career suicide even if a lot of people will see it that way,” he continued. “It’s a great way to show we are a live group and we are back after 10 years.” The UK has not won Eurovision since 1997 when Katrina and the Waves triumphed with Love Shine a Light. Listen to the song on this page, below.
POSTED: 10/03/11– Source: BBC News Online


Pop group Blue will represent the UK in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, it has been announced. The group, best known for hits such as One Love and All Rise, will sing their new single I Can for the competition in Dusseldorf, Germany. In 2009, Blue reunited for a series of gigs, four years after disbanding. Band member Simon Webbe said: “I’ve always wanted to represent my country, so this is a truly exciting experience for Blue.” The group formed in 2000 and since then have sold more than 13 million records, won two Brit Awards and had three number one singles. Duncan James said the band are celebrating their 10th year together and thought participating in the annual contest seemed “a great way to mark the occasion”. A one-hour documentary, showing Blue’s preparation for the Eurovision Song Contest, will be broadcast on BBC One in April. It will feature them recording the single, travelling to Europe to promote the entry, and receiving advice from fellow artists in the music business.
POSTED: 01/02/11– Source: BBC News Online

Mika is being lined-up to write the UK’s Eurovision song for 2011. He is in talks with show producers desperate to improve on our last place position in Oslo this year. A BBC source has said “Mika has all the right ingredients to make a successful song. We hope he says yes.”
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2011 Scoreboard


Azerbaijan- Ell/Nikki- Running Scared

United Kingdom- Blue – I Can