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2017 Eurovision News

Portugal’s celebrated Eurovision Song Contest winner, Salvador Sobral, is recovering in hospital after undergoing a heart transplant. Surgeons at the Santa Cruz Hospital in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, said the 27-year-old was “doing well”. Sobral, who suffered from a longstanding heart condition, won this year’s contest with the love song Amar Pelos Dois (Love for Both of Us). It was the first time Portugal had taken the title. “The surgery went well,” said surgeon Miguel Abecasis, quoted by the Publico daily (in Portuguese). “He was very well prepared. He is a young man who understood the difficulties of this type of procedure.” Mr Abecasis said that before Friday’s operation the singer had wished him “good luck”. The recovery would take a long time, Mr Abecasis added, but said that if all went well, Sobral would have “a completely normal life”.
POSTED: 09/12/17 – Source: BBC News Online

Eurovision Song Contest bosses are fining Ukraine over its organisation of this year’s competition in Kiev. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) said Ukraine’s state broadcaster UA:PBC should pay a “substantial” fine because of “severe delays which created unnecessary difficulties”. The EBU added that the country’s decision to ban Russia’s entrant also “endangered” the show’s reputation. UA:PBC will appeal against the 200,000 euro (£176,000) fine, Reuters said. In the run up to the contest in May, the show was hit with multiple problems. More than 20 top level staff from the Ukrainian team resigned in February, claiming they were blocked from making decisions about the show. There were also problems finalising deals with subcontractors to build the stage, which added to the delays. A month later, there was more controversy when Ukraine banned Russia’s Julia Samoilova from competing because of an “illegal” visit she made to Crimea – entering directly from Russia, not via Ukraine. The EBU was forced to intervene and at the time said Ukraine was undermining the non-political nature of the contest.
After a very public row, it culminated in Russia refusing to televise the event and the country not taking part. The broadcasting union said: “The EBU was pleased with the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, and commend UA:PBC, their staff, and all those who worked hard on the three live TV shows broadcast from Kiev in May. “The organisation of the competition, however, was subject to severe delays which created unnecessary difficulties for the production”.
POSTED: 29/06/17 – Source: BBC News Online

Portuguese are celebrating the fact that an intimate love ballad in their language conquered a Eurovision song contest audience for the first time. Salvador Sobral’s success with Amar Pelos Dois (Love for Both of Us) has made him a national hero. Wearing a plain black suit he delivered an emotionally charged song without the theatrics that often accompany other Eurovision acts. Previously Portugal had never got above the sixth place that it reached in 1996. It was a triumph for “brand Portugal”, music journalist and advertising executive Manuel Falcao told the BBC. “The Portuguese language is present worldwide but sometimes it’s hard for the national identity to make an impression, so for the brand this is very nice – people are very happy,” he said. The timing was fortunate for Portugal, as the nation shows signs of recovery from the 2008 financial crisis and a massive bailout from its eurozone partners.
POSTED: 15/05/17 – Source: BBC News Online

Among Saturday night’s Eurovision spectacular, one country made a major announcement live on TV. Israel confirmed that the 2017 song contest would be its last, following the shutdown of its state-run broadcasting channel Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA). The country shared the news with the viewing public across Europe during the results portion of the show. “This is IBA Channel 1, calling from Jerusalem,” Israel’s representative said. “For the past 44 years, Israel has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, winning three times. “But tonight is our final night. Shortly, IBA will shut down its broadcasting forever, so on behalf of all of us here at IBA, let me say thank you Europe for all the magical moments. “Hopefully, we shall meet again in the future.” Just days earlier, Israeli news presenter Geula Even got emotional – but remained professional – when she found out live on air that her show was being axed as a result of the channel shutdown by the country’s government.
POSTED: 14/05/17 – Source:

Portugal Win Eurovision for the first time
Portugal have won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in the competition’s history. Salvador Sobral, 27, won with his love ballad Amar Pelos Dois, which was written by his sister. He said on receiving the trophy: “We live in a world of fast food music. This is a victory for music… music isn’t fireworks, music is feeling.”

Lucie Jones, representing the UK with I’ll Never Give Up on You, came 15th. Bulgaria came second and Moldova third.
Jones, a former X Factor contestant, received 111 points for her performance but didn’t seem too upset, tweeting: “I wonnnnnnn!!! Oh no wait…” It is a considerable improvement for the UK, after last year’s entrants Joe and Jake came 24th with 62 points. Jones secured the UK’s highest placing since 2011, when boyband Blue came 11th with 100 points.

Sobral, who has a serious heart condition that saw him miss the first week of rehearsals, reprised his song at the end of the show and was joined by his sister Luisa for a duet. Their song, which translates as For the Both of Us, won top marks from both from the televoters and the countries’ professional juries, getting 758 points altogether. This dwarfed Jamala’s win last year for Ukraine with 534 points. Portugal had been one of the favourites to win, along with Italy’s entry, which came sixth.

It wasn’t all about the singing, though – last year’s winner Jamala had her performance briefly interrupted by a man flashing his bottom. BBC Monitoring reported that Ukrainian TV identified him as “scandalous” Ukrainian prankster Vitaliy Sedyuk. Jamala continued to sing “unfazed”, the broadcaster 1+1 TV said. The contest this year took place in the Kiev International Exhibition Centre in Ukraine. The host country could only manage 24th place out of 26 this time round. Portugal will now host the contest next year.
POSTED: 14/05/17 – Source: BBC News Online

The UK would make its mind up to leave the Eurovision Song Contest if there were a referendum, a survey suggests. The poll of 1,650 Britons by YouGov found 56% would quit the competition. And it found those who backed Leave in the EU referendum were most likely to want to drop out, with 76% to 21% in favour of quitting. Remain voters were 65% to 35% in favour of competing. The UK first entered Eurovision in the second year of the contest in 1957 and has won five times – the last in 1997. However, since 1997 the UK has finished last three times – in 2003, 2008 and 2010 – and has failed to make it into the top 10 for the past seven years.
POSTED: 12/05/17 – Source: BBC News Online

On tonights second semi-final for the 2017 Eurovision another ten acts have gone through to Saturday’s final. The acts through are…

1. Bulgaria

Kristian Kostov – ‘Beautiful Mess’

2. Belarus

Naviband – ‘Story of My Life’

3. Croatia

Jacques Houdek – ‘My Friend’

4. Hungary

Joci Papai – ‘Origo’

5. Denmark

Anja – ‘Where I am’

6. Israel

IMRI – ‘I Feel Alive’

7. Romania

Ilinca ft. Alex Florea – ‘Yodel It!’

8. Norway

JOWST – ‘Grab The Moment’

9. The Netherlands

O’G3NE – ‘Lights and Shadows’

10. Austria

Nathan Trent – ‘Running on Air’
POSTED: 11/05/17

On tonights first semi-final for the 2017 Eurovision all acts from 18 countries performed to impress millions of viewers, hoping to earn one of the 10 slots in Saturday’s Grand Final. The first acts through are…

1. Moldova

SunStroke Project – ‘Hey Mamma!’

2. Azerbaijan

Dihaj – ‘Skeletons’

3. Greece

Demy ‘This Is Love’

4. Sweden

Robin Bengtsson – ‘I Can’t Go On’

5. Portugal

Salvador Sobral – ‘Amar Pelos Dios’

6. Poland

Kasia Mos – ‘Flashlight’

7. Armenia

Artsvik – ‘Fly With Me’

8. Australia

Isaiah – ‘Don’t Come Easy’

9. Cyprus

Hovig – ‘Gravity’

10. Belgium

Blanche – ‘City Lights’

And then the three members of the big five countries who automatically go through are…

11. Italy

Francesco Gabbani – ‘Occidentali’s Karma’

12. Spain

Manel Navarro – ‘Do It For Your Lover’

13. UK

Lucie Jones – ‘Never Give Up On You’
POSTED: 09/05/17

Russian broadcaster Channel One will not broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest next month because the country’s singer has been barred from host country Ukraine. Russia’s decision removes any chance of it competing this year, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) said. Ukraine is refusing to allow Julia Samoilova to perform at Eurovision because she has visited Crimea, the peninsula seized by Russia in 2014. The EBU has condemned the ban. It says Ukraine is undermining the non-political nature of the contest. The union, which produces Eurovision, said it had offered two possible solutions to Channel One. The proposals were for Ms Samoilova to perform via satellite from Russia or for another contestant to be allowed to travel to Ukraine to take her place. Both were rejected and the broadcaster has now announced it will not televise the event.
POSTED: 14/04/17 – Source: BBC News Online

Russia’s state-controlled television has rejected an offer from organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest to allow their nation’s contestant to perform via satellite link. Channel One said that the offer for Julia Samoilova to perform in the event in Ukraine remotely was “strange”. Samoilova has been banned from Ukraine, which hosts this year’s contest, for entering annexed Crimea via Russia. The Kremlin had called for a rethink of Ukraine’s decision. “We consider the offer of remote participation strange and reject it,” Channel One said in a statement on Thursday quoted by Tass news agency, adding: “It completely contradicts the very essence of the event.” The offer to perform in the competition via satellite link is a first in Eurovision’s 60-year-history, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) said, adding that the contest had to “remain free from politics”. Samoilova is due to take part in the second semi-final of the song contest.
POSTED: 23/03/17 – Source: BBC News Online

Russia has announced it will now take part in Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine, appearing to end speculation of a boycott for political reasons. Julia Samoilova is set to represent her country in Kiev in May with the song Flame is Burning. However, her admission she performed in Crimea since it was annexed by Russia in 2014 may compromise her attendance. Ukraine’s SBU security service has blacklisted 140 Russian artists, although she is not on the list so far. Samoilova, 27, has confirmed that she sang in Crimea in 2015. Russia and Ukraine have been locked in political conflict since the annexation of the region three years ago. An SBU spokeswoman, Olena Gitlyanska, wrote on Facebook it would now “study the question and take a balanced decision on her entry into Ukraine”. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, speaking to Russian news agency TASS, denied that Samoilova’s selection was a provocation by Russia.
POSTED: 13/03/17 – Source: BBC News Online

The Eurovision Song Contest has hit a major road bump, after 21 top level staff organising the event resigned. The Ukrainian Eurovision team say they were stripped of major responsibilities in December, when a new boss was appointed to the organising committee. According to their resignation letter, they were “completely blocked” from making decisions about the show. The EBU, which founded Eurovision, told Ukraine’s public broadcaster to “stick to the timeline” despite the upheaval. It insisted the event would go ahead as planned in Kiev this May. Among the team members who resigned were two executive producers of this year’s show. All the staff were appointed by the Ukraine Public Broadcaster (UA:PBC), which is organising the contest after Ukrainian singer Jamala won last year’s event with the song 1944.
POSTED: 15/02/17 – Source: BBC News Online

Lucie Jones has won the chance to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. She will go to Kyiv, Ukraine for the international competition after beating the five other hopefuls on Eurovision: You Decide. Each of the contestants had previously appeared on The X Factor. On Friday night’s show, hosted by Mel Giedroyc, they each sang for an expert panel, made up of Bruno Tonioli, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and CeCe Sammy. Mel described it as the “single most important decision of the year”, before holding her finger to her earpiece to say she’d had confirmation that she wasn’t over-exagerating. But it was Lucie who impressed the judges the most with her rendition of Never Give Up On You.
POSTED: 28/01/17 – Source:

The Ukrainian city of Kiev will host the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, it has been announced, after a fortnight of delays. The venue was due to be announced on 26 August, but a press conference was cancelled at the last minute. Organisers said they were “still discussing” candidates, but fans speculated Ukraine might pull out of the contest for financial reasons. Eurovision said Kiev, the capital city, would prove to be a “worthy host”. “Kiev presented an excellent case and we are looking forward to working together to create the most electrifying show yet next May,” said Jon Ola Sand, who oversees the contest for the European Broadcasting Union. Hosting the contest costs millions of pounds. This years, Sweden is thought to have spent £12m on staging the three live shows, making it the lowest-budget production in years.
POSTED: 09/09/16 – Source: BBC News Online

2017 Scoreboard


2017 Winner – Portugal – Salvador Sobral – Amar Pelos Dois

2017 UK Eurovision Entry – Lucie Jones – Never Give Up On You

You Decide


Former X Factor contestant Lucie Jones has been named as this year’s Eurovision song contest entry. Jones will sing Never Give Up On You when she represents the UK at the competition in Kiev, Ukraine in May. The song was co-written by Emmelie de Forest, the Danish singer-songwriter who won the song contest in 2013. Jones won a live voting programme on BBC Two on Friday night, where she competed against five other former X Factor contestants. Jones, who came eighth on X Factor in 2009, was in tears as host Mel Giedroyc revealed the result. “I can’t believe you picked me – thank you so much”, she said. The Welsh singer later tweeted: “Completely overwhelmed and so surprised. Tonight’s been one of the best nights of my life.” Singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Strictly Come Dancing’s Bruno Tonioli were judging the performances on Eurovision: You Decide, broadcast from London’s Hammersmith Apollo. Jones fended off competition from fellow X Factor stars including Danyl Johnson, who featured alongside Jones in the 2009 series, as well as Salena Mastroianni, Nate Simpson, Holly Brewer, and Olivia Garcia.
POSTED: 28/01/17 – Source: BBC News Online

This year’s UK Eurovision hopefuls have been revealed – and every one of them is a former X Factor contestant. Among the more recognisable names are Lucie Jones and Danyl Johnson, who both featured in the 2009 series, which was eventually won by Joe McElderry. Jones’s song has the best pedigree: Never Give Up On You is written by 2013 Eurovision winner, Emmelie de Forest. TV talent has good form at Eurovision, with two previous winners graduating from singing contests like X Factor. Swedish singer Loreen, who won the competition in 2012, was previously a runner-up on Swedish Idol, where she performed under the name Loren Talhaoui. More recently, Mans Zelmerlow triumphed at the 2015 contest – having earned his stripes on Swedish Idol and Let’s Dance, which is his home country’s version of Strictly. This year’s UK’s entry will be selected on Friday, 27 January, in a live BBC Two show hosted by Mel Giedroyc. A combination of viewer and jury votes will decide the winning song – with Bruno Tonioli and Sophie Ellis-Bextor forming part of the eight-person jury.
This year’s hopefuls
Danyl Johnson – Light Up the World
Holly Brewer – I Wish I Loved You More
Lucie Jones – Never Give Up on You
Nate Simpson – What Are We Made Of?
Olivia Garcia – Freedom Hearts
Salena Mastroianni – I Don’t Wanna Fight
POSTED: 23/01/17 – Source: BBC News Online

Eurovision: You Decide, the UK’s selection show for the Eurovision Song Contest is to return in 2017. The national selection of our representative returned for the first time in 2016 since 2010, with a panel of experts choosing our entry from 2011 to 2015. You Decide, which aired on BBC Four in 2016, has been promoted to BBC Two.

The TV special will once again be hosted by The Great British Bake Off presenter Mel Giedroyc, who also takes us through the Eurovision semi-finals with Scott Mills. Those semis will be broadcast on BBC Four again in 2017. “I am positively giddy for Eurovision 2017 and chuffed that Eurovision: You Decide is back!” explained Mel. “I’ve been hearing great things about the standard of the songs this year and I just wish January would hurry up so that I can hear the songs and meet the performers! “We’ve got an even bigger venue, exciting guest performers and a brilliant expert panel. It’s going to be great.”

That bigger venue Mel alluded to will be the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, London although the expert panel and musical guests are currently unknown. 2015 Eurovision winner Mans Zelmerlow performed on this year’s broadcast, alongside Katrina and the Waves who also appeared on the panel.

The six acts chosen to participate in Eurovision: You Decide will be revealed on BBC Radio 2’s The Ken Bruce Show on Monday January 23, 2017, while the 90-minute broadcast of You Decide: will air live at 7:30pm on Friday January 27. Tickets for the show are on sale now.
POSTED: 09/12/16 – Source: