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X Factor winners Little Mix blast to the top of the Official Singles Chart today with their debut release, ‘Cannonball’ shifting over 210,000 copies in its first week; the biggest first week sales for a single so far this year, outselling the rest of this week’s Official Singles Chart Top 5 combined. One Direction were previous title holders of the biggest first week sales for a single so far this year when their debut, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, sold over 153,000 copies in its week of release in September.
POSTED: 18/12/11 – Source: theofficialcharts.com

Little Mix are expected to earn up to £8 million following their win on this year’s X Factor. The girl group will bank an initial £150,000 advance from their £1 million record deal with Simon Cowell’s Syco label, which they received as part of their winner’s contract. However, Cowell believes they can be marketed to become as big as the Spice Girls and has an array of gigs and deals lined up for the pop four-piece, reports The Sun.
POSTED: 12/12/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

Four million fewer people tuned in to watch Little Mix crowned X Factor 2011 champions compared to those who saw Matt Cardle’s victory a year ago. ITV1’s live final on Sunday night was seen by 12.9 million viewers, compared to 17.2 million last year and the smallest audience for the show’s season finale since 2007 when the results show still went out on a Saturday night and 11.7 million saw Leon Jackson win. Some 15.5 million watched Joe McElderry’s 2009 victory and 13.2 million saw Alexandra Burke win in 2008.
POSTED: 12/12/11 – Source: musicweek.com

Gary Barlow has denied reports that he will only return to The X Factor if Louis Walsh is axed. It was claimed today that the Take That judge issued the ultimatum after growing tired of Walsh’s “constant bitching and sniping”. “Gary is unsure about his future on the show,” a source alleged. “The thought of ­another year with Louis is just too much for him to bear. He says he will only ­consider coming back if Louis leaves.”
POSTED: 11/12/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

Northern Irish teenager Janet Devlin won the first four X Factor public votes, it has been revealed. The 17-year-old was the early bookmakers’ favourite to win the competition, and when the details of the public vote winners and runners-up were revealed on tonight’s Xtra Factor, Devlin’s popularity was confirmed. Devlin won the week two vote, ahead of boyband The Risk. She also triumphed in week three, ahead of Louis Walsh’s act Johnny Robinson. Janet also won the fourth and fifth week votes ahead of Little Mix and Marcus Collins respectively. Amelia Lily’s return in week six earned her the top spot, ahead of Devlin, while week seven featured Little Mix at the top for the first time. Misha B claimed the runner-up spot in week seven. Amelia Lily returned to the top in week eight, ahead of Little Mix. The Middlesbrough teenager, who was voted back in the competition as a replacement for Frankie Cocozza, then slipped down the votes in the semi-final beneath Little Mix and Marcus.
POSTED: 11/12/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

The Final – The Results
Tonight’s final came live from Wembley and started with the finalists and some of the other contestants from the series singing a medley of hits. Next the finalists each sang their favourite song of the series. Again the judges only had good things to say about the finalists. Next each finalist sang a Christmas song. Then Westlife sang while we watched a compilation of the highlights of the series. Next up the remaining acts each sang their version of the winners song, which is a cover of Cannonball. Then Coldplay performed a medley of their hits and then Dermot announced the lines are now closed. Then it was finally time to reveal who this year’s winner is. The finalists were brought back on stage to hear the result. Dermot announced the winner was Little Mix. They are the first group in the shows history to win The X Factor. Marcus was very humble about accepting the runner-up prize. The series ended with the winners performing their debut single Cannonball and they were joined on stage by the rest of this year’s finalists.
POSTED: 11/12/11

The Final – In Review
This weekends X Factor final was the biggest ever final, coming live from Wembley stadium. The finalists started by singing together. Then Dermot opened the phone lines and each act sang a song with the judges passing comment. This week it was all round good comments from all of the judges. Then their was a guest performance from, former contestants, JLS and One Direction. Next each of the contestants sang a song with their own mentors. Then former X Factor winner Leona Lewis performed. Michael Buble then took to the stage and sang a Christmas song from his latest album. Then it was time to reveal who will make it through to part two of the final on Sunday. First through were Little Mix and then Marcus so Amelia has been eliminated from the competition. On Sunday’s show the winner will be revealed.
POSTED: 10/12/11

Simon Cowell is to appear via Skype on The Xtra Factor this Saturday, it has been confirmed The music mogul will watch the final performances on The X Factor via Skype before talking to the judges in the first part of The Xtra Factor. The Syco boss left the show last year and is yet to appear on this year’s live shows due to commitments to Fox’s X Factor USA series. He remains a producer of the ITV1 programme. Cowell will be projected onto a screen at the back of the stage, which is reportedly the largest in Europe.
POSTED: 09/12/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

The X Factor will not have text voting for this weekend’s final, it has been revealed. Due to technical issues that can’t be resolved, fans will be not be able to text for their favourite acts in the final showdown between Amelia Lily, Marcus Collins and Little Mix. “The X Factor final includes a vote ‘freeze’ and therefore a shorter vote period,” said X Factor reps. “It is not possible for text voting to be offered, as delays can be experienced within the mobile networks at busy times which could result in text votes not being received within the period the vote is open.”
POSTED: 08/12/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

X Factor contestant Amelia Lily fears that the controversy over the leaking of her winner’s single details could cost her victory, sources have claimed. Lily’s as-yet-unidentified winner’s single was temporarily made available to pre-order on the HMV website on Tuesday (December 6), prompting speculation that the ITV contest had somehow been fixed for her. According to insiders, Lily has grown concerned that her fans may feel “manipulated” by the slip-up and give their backing to rivals Little Mix and Marcus Collins in this weekend’s Wembley Arena final.
POSTED: 08/12/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

The X Factor judges have confirmed they will duet with their own acts in this weekend’s final. Contestant Marcus Collins will sing alongside Gary Barlow, Tulisa with her girl group Little Mix and Kelly Rowland with Amelia Lily.  The only judge not to sing will be Louis Walsh as he has no acts left in the competition. The final will take place at Wembley Arena, with Coldplay, Leona Lewis and One Direction also performing. X Factor bosses are hoping to pull in 20 million viewers.
POSTED: 08/12/11 – Source: BBC Newsbeat

Marcus Collins has been banned from performing at Gary Barlow’s London gig tonight (Monday) after coming down with a throat infection. The X Factor finalist was due for a guest slot alongside his mentor at the Royal Albert Hall in order to boost his chances in the final next weekend. “Marcus’s throat is really bad and although he wanted to try to sing in the soundcheck he was told to forget it,” a source told The Mirror “He has been banned from singing for 24 hours by the doctors. They are going to assess him again on Tuesday to see if there is an improvement.
POSTED: 05/12/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

Semi- Final – The Results
The semi-final results saw the remaining acts perform together. Then Justin Bieber performed his latest single. Then judge Kelly Rowland performed a compilation of her hits. Then it was time for business, the results. This week there was no final showdown and the public vote alone is all that counted. Dermot then started to reveal who was through to the final. The first act announced was Little Mix then Marcus. So we knew that one of Kelly’s acts were going home and then it was revealed the final act through was Amelia. Misha was therefore eliminated from the show and sung one final song. Next weeks final will be live from Wembley stadium.
POSTED: 04/12/11

Semi- Final – In Review
It was the semi-final of The X Factor this weekend and the theme was Motown for the first song and the second songs had been hand-picked to get them through to the final. This week the judges have lost their power and only the public can decide who goes through to next week’s final at Wembley. Most acts got all round good comments after their first song, except Little Mix who came under criticism from Louis and Kelly. After singing their second song Misha got great comments but Amelia was told by Gary that her softer singing voice isn’t so good. Louis, Kelly and Tulisa all criticised Marcus and Little Mix didn’t fair so well again and Gary told them their vocals are not good enough for a semi-final. Sunday’s results show will feature guest performances from Justin Bieber and judge Kelly Rowland.
POSTED: 03/12/11

This year’s X Factor winner is reportedly set to release a cover of Damien Rice’s ‘Cannonball’ as their debut single. Amelia Lily, Mischa B, Little Mix and Marcus Collins have all recorded separate versions of the track in case they are crowned the winner on December 11. It’s understood that the track is one of three being considered by X Factor bosses in a bid to get the coveted Christmas Number One.
POSTED: 29/11/11 – Source: mirror.co.uk

ITV has confirmed that the winner of the current series of The X Factor will be crowned in a four-hour finale, split over Saturday, December 10 and Sunday, December 11. The winning act will be unveiled after performing what will go on to be their first official single release. Kicking off at 8pm on Saturday, December 10, the remaining three acts will perform in front of 10,000 people at Wembley Arena – the first time X Factor has been staged outside of its home at Fountain Studios. ITV has teased that viewers can expect “big surprises” as “some amazing international guest stars” will perform on stage. On Sunday night, the final two-hour show will begin at 7.30pm. As well as featuring more guest performers, the two remaining finalists will sing what will become their winner’s single, before the public’s champion is announced.
POSTED: 28/11/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

Kelly Rowland has dropped her biggest hint yet she won’t be back on the X Factor judging panel next year – saying her priority is to go on tour. Despite a promising start, she went AWOL for a week of the live shows, rowed with fellow judge Tulisa and received criticism from thousands of viewers. Asked about her future, Kelly said: “X Factor next year? We’ll see. I definitely would love to go on tour though, so that will be my focus for next year.”
POSTED: 28/11/11 – Source: mirror.co.uk

Quarter Final – The Results
Tonight’s results show featured Olly Murs, who performed his new single with The Muppets. Next Jessie J performed her latest single. Then all of this year’s finalists took to the stage with JLS and One Direction to perform this year’s charity single, Wishing On A Star. Then it was to the business end and tonight’s results. Finding themselves in the bottom two this week were two of Kelly’s acts, Misha and Janet. After the sing-off the judges had to decide who they would send home. Louis chose to send home Janet, Tulisa chose to send home Janet also. Then a tearful Kelly had to choose which of her two acts goes home but she decided she could not make a choice. Dermot told Kelly if she does not make a choice then Janet will be out, because she has the majority vote. Kelly still chose to not make a choice so Janet had to leave. Gary didn’t need to cast a vote but said he would have chosen Janet anyway.
POSTED: 27/11/11

Quarter Final – In Review
Tonight the contestants had to sing two songs each. First they sang their guilty pleasures and then a song from their musical icons. Little Mix opened the show and got mixed comments, they saw some negative comments from Louis and Kelly. Janet had a bad start. She appeared to forgot a lot of the words but claimed it was because she thought she was going to “throw-up” she got negative comments from the judges for this. Amelia, Misha B and Marcus all did well and were praised by the judges. Little Mix started off the second songs tonight. They again got mixed comments from the judges. Janet did much better on her second song but still got mixed comments but it was constructive criticism from the judges. Misha B and Marcus were very well received by the judges and audience with their second songs. Amelia closed the show and was told about “pitching” issues by Tulisa and Gary. Sunday’s results show will also feature performances from Jessie J, Olly Murs and this year’s finalists will perform their charity single.
POSTED: 26/11/11

Louis Walsh is the only judge so far who has been offered a deal for next year’s series of The X Factor, according to a report. However, his fellow judges Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Kelly Rowland must wait until next year to hear if they will be hired again, The Mirror claims. “Louis is the only judge who has been verbally offered a deal. Despite all the reports that he has been sacked, he is 100% nailed on to be back – if he wants the job,” an insider is quoted as saying.
POSTED: 25/11/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

X Factor star Marcus Collins has been left shaken up after allegedly receiving racist and homophobic abuse from a mystery phone caller. The Liverpudlian singer alerted the production team after being woken up at 2.30am on Tuesday (November 22). “The voice on the other end of the line was just full of hate and spewed all sorts of racist and anti-gay abuse,” a source told The Sun. “He was saying, ‘You don’t deserve to be on the show. Who do you think you are?’ and calling him every name under the sun. “Marcus couldn’t believe his ears and he couldn’t understand how anyone got hold of his number in the first place.” However, Collins apparently refused to get police involved after suspecting that he may know the perpetrator.
POSTED: 24/11/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

Seventh Live Show – The Results
On tonight’s results show the finalists performed together and were joined on stage by Bryan Adams. Last year’s finalist Rebecca Ferguson performed her new single and Rihanna also performed her number one single. Then it was time for the results. In the bottom two this week was Craig and Amelia. After the sing-off the judges had to decide who to send home. Gary chose to save his act Craig, Kelly chose to save her act Amelia and Tulisa chose to send home Amelia. Louis chose to send home Craig which sent it to dead-lock for the first time this series. In a dead-lock situation the contestant with the least viewer votes is sent home, that contestant was Craig.
POSTED: 20/11/11

Seventh Live Show – In Review
The theme this week was music from the movies. Craig opened the show and Louis and Tulisa said the song choice wasn’t good, which didn’t go down well with Gary. Janet had a better week, and even managed to impress Gary. Also having a good week were Amelia and Little Mix. A tearful Misha did well and had great comments from all of the judges. Marcus closed the show and probably got the best response from the audience and judges alike. Sundays results show will feature performances from Rihanna and last year’s finalist Rebecca Ferguson.
POSTED: 19/11/11

N-Dubz rapper Fazer has confirmed plans to produce this year’s X Factor winner’s single. The producer – real name Richard Rawson – has been appointed by Simon Cowell to work with the winning act. “I’ll be producing for the X Factor winner, it’s been decided,” he told The Sun. “This isn’t just a hook-up with [girlfriend] Tulisa [Contostavlos], I’m going to work with whichever act wins. “I’ve been talking to SyCo about working on a few different things for them.” Fazer added: “We really want to give a new flavour to the X Factor acts. It’s going to suit me. I have rock influences, hip-hop, pop, whatever.
POSTED: 17/11/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

Frankie Cocozza has not been added to the lineup for The X Factor’s 2012 live tour. The axed singer, who was dropped from the ITV1 show earlier this month, does not appear in the confirmed list of performers. It had been suggested yesterday (November 16) that Cocozza could make an appearance on the tour. Eliminated finalists Kitty Brucknell, Johnny Robinson and The Risk will join the competition’s remaining hopefuls Misha Bryan – aka Misha B – Marcus Collins, Craig Colton, Janet Devlin, Amelia Lily and Little Mix.
POSTED: 17/11/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

Sixth Live Show – The Results
onight’s results show started with the finalists singing together. Then last year’s finalists One Direction sang their new single. Then Lady Gaga took to the stage to perform her new single. It was then time for the results which found Kitty and Misha in the bottom two. They then sang for survival. Then it was over to the judges to decide who to send home. Louis chose to save his act and send home Misha, Tulisa chose to send home Kitty and Kelly chose to save her act and send home Kitty. So Gary had the deciding vote and chose to send home Kitty so she has left the competition.
POSTED: 13/11/11

Another blunder by ITV bosses led to speculation that the broadcaster had fixed the vote to decide which one of four X Factor rejects would win the right to return to the programme. Amelia Lily was announced as the winner of the public vote an hour before phone lines closed. Fans took to Twitter after they spotted a video on the website of Scottish ITV (STV) which they believed showed Amelia Lily, 17, had won the public vote even though fans were still being urged to pay for telephone votes. The public vote did not close until 9.15pm but due to a power-cut and technical problems the winner was announced by accident almost an hour earlier. A spokesman said: ‘The STV web team prepared stories regarding each contestant in anticipation of the result and due to a technical hitch, all four stories went live on our website. We apologise.’
POSTED: 13/11/11 – Source: dailymail.co.uk

Sixth Live Show – In Review
his weeks X Factor started 15 minutes late due to a power-cut at the studio. The theme this week was Queen & Lady Gaga music. Performances of the night were courtesy of Craig, Misha and Kitty. Marcus did well but some of the judges said his performance was too much like last week. Janet did better than last week but some of the judges said it wasn’t very exciting and Gary said it was boring. Little Mix were criticised by some judges but Louis said there is a gap in the market for a girl band. It was then time to reveal which previous act would replace Frankie. It was between Jonjo, James, 2 Shoes and Amelia who were all chosen to leave the show by their own mentors in week one. The public vote chose Amelia to return to the show. She then had to sing and ironically gave one of the best performances of the night. Sunday’s results show will see the return of last year’s finalists One Direction and Lady Gaga will also perform.
POSTED: 12/11/11

Four former X Factor contestants have been given the opportunity to win back a place on the show. One of James Michael, Amelia Lily, 2 Shoes or Jonjo Kerr, who were all eliminated by the judges in the first week of the live shows, will replace axed singer Frankie Cocozza on Saturday’s show. The public will now have to vote for James, Amelia, 2 Shoes and Jonjo for the first time. Whoever receives the most votes will win their place back in the competition from this weekend.
POSTED: 09/11/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

X Factor wild child Frankie Cocozza has been sensationally booted off the show for boasting about taking Cocaine, The Sun has revealed. The mop-topped rocker broke one of the show’s “golden rules” by bragging about using the Class A drug in front of production staff. This afternoon Frankie, 18, issued a statement apologising to mentor Gary Barlow and all the fans who voted to keep him in the show. He admitted things had got “out of control” and confessed breaking competition rules. He said: “I’d like to apologise to Gary, my fellow contestants and everyone who has voted for me, but, as of today, I will no longer be in the X Factor.
POSTED: 08/11/11 – Source: thesun.co.uk

A double elimination on The X Factor powered the show past 12m viewers on Sunday evening. The eliminations of The Risk and Johnny Robinson from The X Factor 2011 were seen by 12m (41.8%) on ITV1 from 8pm, peaking at 13.02m (44%) for the final 15 minutes. Strictly Come Dancing just lagged behind with 10.69m (39.6%) on BBC One between 7.30pm and 8pm.
POSTED: 07/11/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

Fifth Live Show – The Results
onight’s results show started with a group performance from the remaining contestants. Former contestants JLS performed their new single, as did Florence & The Machine. Then it was time for the double elimination. Dermot called out the name of the contestants that are through to next week leaving just three. Then the act with the least votes had to leave straight away, that was The Risk. This left two of Louis’ acts in the sing-off, Johnny and Kitty. After they sang it was over to the judges to decide who to send home. Louis had to choose first, and he chose to send home Johnny. Then Tulisa and Kelly chose to send home Johnny so he had to leave the competition. Gary didn’t need to choose but said he would have picked Johnny. Just seven contestants remain in the competition.
POSTED: 06/11/11

Fifth Live Show – In Review
his week’s theme was Disco-Classics and Dermot opened the show by announcing that tonight would be ballad-free. Top performances this week were from Marcus, Misha, Little Mix and Craig who gave his first energetic performance. Johnny had mixed reviews this week, Louis and Kelly liked him but Tulisa said she thinks he is going backwards and Gary was very scathing saying he hated it. Frankie was again criticised for his vocals and even Gary agreed and apologised to Frankie for the bad song choice. Louis and Gary also fell out over Frankie and ended up telling each other to shut up. Kitty, Janet and The Risk didn’t do so well this week as they had their vocals criticised and Gary told Kitty she can’t dance. Sunday’s results show will feature guest performances from Florence & The Machine and, former X Factor finalists, JLS. This weekend will also see a double elimination.
POSTED: 05/11/11

Show boss Simon Cowell is hoping the double eviction will improve the “quality and dedication” of year’s contestants. Speaking to the hopefuls in a transatlantic phone call, he reportedly said: “This is your one chance. You have to take control of the situation and stamp your authority on the show. “A lot of you are not doing that right now. Come up with your own ideas and demonstrate you are a recording artist.” The tough-talking music mogul is said to be keen to boost the lagging ratings of the show with the shock double eviction.
POSTED: 04/11/11 – Source: 4music.com

Gary Barlow has been a huge hit with viewers since he took over from as head judge from show supremo Simon Cowell but Gary revealed the demands of the job along with sleepless nights worrying about his acts, has led him to consider quitting The X Factor next year. He told Daily Star Sunday: “I’ve had lots of sleepless nights and my stubble is going grey. “Don’t get me wrong, I’ve really enjoyed it and if I was asked back next year, I would definitely consider it. But it has been ten times more work than I thought it was going to be”.
POSTED: 31/10/11 – Source: 4music.com

Fourth Live Show – The Results
This weeks X Factor results show saw the final ten singing together. The show also featured performances from last year’s X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd and Nicole Scherzinger also showcased her latest single. Kelly Rowland was still absent so Alexandra Burke represented the Girls again. In the bottom two this week was two of the girls Misha B and Sophie. After the sing-off it was over to the judges to decide who to send home and Kelly joined the rest of her judges over the phone. Louis chose to send home Sophie and Tulisa also opted to send home Sophie. Next to decide was a tearful Kelly on the phone who chose to send home Sophie. So Gary didn’t need to decide but said he would have also chosen Sophie.
POSTED: 30/10/11

Kelly Rowland has 48 hours to return to the UK as Simon has given her an ultimatum as to whether she wants to keep her place on the judging panel. The singer has insisted that wants to retain her position on the show, but needs to consult her doctor to see if she is well enough to fly, as she has been grounded in the US due to a severe throat infection. Kelly has said that rows with fellow judge Tulisa Contostavlos are making her life ‘a living hell.’ A show insider told The People last night: ‘Kelly has been told it’s time to make her mind up. Everyone is supportive of the fact she is ill but other bosses are annoyed at the situation.’ ‘She doesn’t want to quit. She is adamant that she isn’t worried about the row she had with Tulisa and wants to return but she has to give the ­producers her word – and fast.’
POSTED: 30/10/11 – Source: dailymail.co.uk

Fourth Live Show – In Review
The theme on tonight’s show was Fright Night for Halloween. Judge Kelly Rowland was not present and viewers were told she was unwell and at home in L.A. They replaced Kelly with former X Factor winner Alexandra Burke. Stand-out performances this week were from Craig, Kitty, newly re-named Little Mix, Marcus and Johnny. This week Johnny showed that he was more than just a novelty act and sang what he does best, a ballad. Gary was so pleased that he jumped on the stage to hug Johnny at the end of his performance. Janet and Sophie seemed to be a lot more nervous this week which did have some impact on their vocals. Louis stunned Sophie and his fellow judges by describing her as a secretary that sings at weekends. The Risk seemed to go down well with their new band member and seem to be just as popular. Misha B sang well and had positive feedback from the judges this week. Frankie seemed to be taken more seriously this week too. Sunday’s results show will features guest performances from Nicole Scherzinger and last year’s finalist Cher Lloyd.
POSTED: 29/10/11

The Risk believe their chances of winning the show are in “ruins” after bandmember Ashley J Baptiste quit. Ashley, 22, stunned the group with his plans to leave on Thursday night leaving them in tears and with just 48 hours to rework their routine for the show. He said: “It’s been a really tough decision but I have decided to leave The Risk. I don’t believe my future lies in a boyband and it’s not fair on Charlie, Derry and Andy to remain in the band when I am not truly committed to it for the long term”. The band have now replaced him with Ashford Campbell who was in the other X Factor boyband Nu Vibe.
POSTED: 29/10/11 – Source: mirror.co.uk

Johnny Robinson is to be quizzed on suspicion of being a benefits cheat, The Sun can reveal. The 45-year-old singer known for his energetic gyrations on the ITV1 talent show, has been claiming incapacity payouts for a bad back for years. Now welfare inspectors will reassess his condition. The squeaky-voiced contestant is facing the probe after an acquaintance spotted him dancing on the telly talent show. Welfare inspectors are hauling him in for an urgent reassessment of his condition to see if he is a genuine claimant — or a cheat.
POSTED: 28/10/11 – Source: thesun.co.uk

Rhythmix are to change their name, following a threat of legal action by a Brighton charity with the same name. The charity uses music to help disadvantaged youngsters and claims Simon Cowell’s production company Syco had initially failed to enter into a discussion about the name clash. It said that having a band with the same name would affect its future work. The X Factor said the girls would announce a new name “in due course”. Producers at X Factor said they knew the charity existed, although the band had originally settled on the name without being aware it was used elsewhere. However, because the name Rhythmix was trademarked for educational purposes, the programme makers said they believed there was no conflict with the band or X Factor. Following the initial clash, the charity accused the TV show of failing to consider “any of the moral implications of their actions”. It then published an open letter to Simon Cowell on Facebook. X Factor producers agreed on Wednesday afternoon to change the name of the girl group.
POSTED: 26/10/11 – Source: BBC Newsbeat

Simon Cowell has reassured Louis Walsh that his position on The X Factor is safe. The music mogul, who quit the judging panel to focus on the American version of the competition, contacted Walsh after tabloid reports suggested he would be axed to make way for Cowell’s return. However, a source close to the 59-year-old told Digital Spy that Cowell had guaranteed Walsh’s future on the show, telling him: “You have my word that your job is safe.” Walsh has also received the backing of X Factor producers and ITV’s director of television Peter Fincham.
POSTED: 24/10/11 – Source: digitalspy.co.uk

Frankie Cocozza has taken to Twitter confirming that he is ‘the weakest singer in the competition’. His escape from the bottom two on Sunday night’s results show has seen considerable backlash, with many considering Kitty Brucknell and Sami Brookes to be the more talented contestants. It seems the messy-haired teen himself could not disagree, tweeting: ‘I know I’m the weakest singer in the competition, nice of people to keep reminding me.. I’m not gunna give up trying to improve. Mugs’.
POSTED: 24/10/11 – Source: metro.co.uk

Third Live Show – The Results
Tonight’s results show featured performances from Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars and Professor Green with Emeli Sande. Louis and Tulisa then seemed to back-peddle on their comments about Misha on Saturdays show. Louis apologised saying he shouldn’t have used the word bully while Tulisa picked Misha as the best performance this weekend. Then it was down to the business end of the show. Finding themselves in the bottom two this week was two of Louis’ acts, Kitty and Samantha. After the sing-off the judges had to choose who to send home. Gary and Kelly both opted to send home Samantha. Tulisa chose to send home Kitty so Louis had to decide which one of his acts should leave. He said he wasn’t going to cop-out and send it to dead-lock and he HAS to send home Samantha.
POSTED: 23/10/11

Third Live Show – In Review
The third live show took place tonight and the theme this week was Rock although some of the songs performed this week did, arguably, not fit that category. Having a good week this week were Marcus, Janet, Kitty and Craig. Gary was very harsh his with his comments to Samantha calling her performance karaoke. Frankie seemed to have a better week but The Risk looked more subdued, perhaps because one of them is suffering laryngitis. Rhythmix did ok, if slightly less exciting than last week. Johnny raised the roof with a song that was made for him, the audience and judges all seemed to like him and that included Gary this week. Sophie raised her game and did well. Misha’s performance was good but Tulisa and Louis took her to task over her back-stage behaviour. Tulisa said Misha’s comments to her fellow contestants are interpreted as mean and Louis claimed one of his acts is being bullied by her. Kelly strongly stuck up for Misha and seemed furious. Sunday’s results show will feature performances from Kelly Clarkson, Professor Green and Bruno Mars.
POSTED: 22/10/11

ITV1’s X Factor has failed to win the primetime head-to-head battle with BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday night for a second week running. Overnight figures showed 9.9 million viewers were watching the BBC show at 19:45 BST, while 7.5 million saw the start of the singing competition. Once the overlap ended, X Factor had a peak audience of 11.3 million.
POSTED: 18/10/11 – Source: BBC News Online

Simon Cowell has reportedly expressed his anger at The X Factor producers after the show lost more than two million viewers. According to The Sun, SiCo – who is busy shooting The X Factor USA in Los Angeles – is said to have rang his UK team, telling them: “Sort it out. This is not good enough.” The music mogul is also apparently planning to speak to his replacement, Gary Barlow, to tell the Take That frontman to “raise your game”, as well as addressing the issue of “meddling” judge, Kelly Rowland. An insider told the tabloid: “Simon is furious. This would never have happened on his watch and he wants the team to know this and sort it out.”
POSTED: 17/10/11 – Source: mtv.co.uk

Second Live Show – The Results
The second results show saw the finalists perform together. There were also performances from Katy Perry and The Wanted. Then Dermot revealed who was through to next week. The bottom two was Frankie and Nu Vibe. The two acts had to sing again and then the judges had to decide who will go home. A shocked Gary stuck by his act and chose to send home Nu Vibe. Kelly chose to send home Nu Vibe and Tulisa stood by her group and chose to send home Frankie. Louis had to decide to send home Nu Vibe or send it to Dead-Lock. He chose to send home Nu Vibe so they have left the competition.
POSTED: 16/10/11

Second Live Show – In Review
The theme of the second live show was Love & Harmony. Nu Vibe opened the show and really split the judges. The females judges loved them but the male judges were not so impressed. Also splitting the judges opinions were Johnny and Frankie. The judges gave great comments to Rhythmix, and The Risk. Marcus and Samantha and Sophie received good comments with just a few minor criticisms. Notable performances this week were Janet, Craig, Misha and Kitty. This week the public phone vote returns and they will decide who is in the bottom two this week. The results show will feature Katy Perry and The Wanted.
POSTED: 15/10/11

Fed-Up Kelly Rowland has threatened to boot arrogant X Factor favourite Misha Bryan off the show for bad-mouthing its workers. The Destiny’s Child singer flipped after the 19-year-old slagged off vocal coach Anne-Marie Speed and other production staff. Kelly also told off Misha for sneering at fellow contestants and boasting: “I’ve already won.” A source told The Sun: “Misha is out of control and Kelly just snapped. She told her that unless she packs it in, she’ll be sent packing herself.
POSTED: 15/10/11 – Source: thesun.co.uk

The X Factor finalists will record a cover of Rose Royce’s 1978 hit ‘Wishing on a Star’ for this year’s charity single. All 16 acts to reach the Live Shows of the ITV1 singing competition will appear on the track, which will be released next month. All proceeds from the song will benefit ACT & Children’s Hospices UK. “I’ve seen the amazing work they do for kids and their families who need help and support,” said X Factor creator Simon Cowell. “I am thrilled that the X Factor charity single this year will benefit this charity.”
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This year’s The X Factor has got off to a bad start with viewers, with the viewing figures for the series’ first live show down by almost two million from last year. The show drew in 12.2 million viewers for its first live show in 2010, but only managed to get 10.4 million for its live debut on Saturday. According to the Guardian, viewers complaints included the fact that at two and a half hours, the show was far too long, had too many advertisement breaks and they didn’t enjoy the changes in format which the producers have brought in.
POSTED: 10/10/11 – Source: NME.com

First Live Show – The Results
The first results show saw last years champion Matt Cardle perform his new single. Cee Lo Green then took to the stage for a performance. Then it was down to business. Each judge had to choose one of their own acts to leave the competition for good. Gary chose to axe James Michael for the Boys, Kelly gave Amelia Lily her marching orders for the Girls, Tulisa gave the red-card to 2 Shoes for the Groups and Louis showed  Jonjo Kerr the door for the Over 25’s. Next weekend the familiar format will return where the public vote chooses the bottom two. Then they will sing for survival and the judges will choose who to send home.
POSTED: 09/10/11

First Live Show – In Review
The theme of the first live show was U.K V’s America where the acts had to sing big songs from American or British artists. Right at the start of the show Dermot confirmed the twist. The twist is that all four judges have to choose one of their own acts to leave the competition on Sunday night. The public vote has been cancelled for the first show, a move which is thought to lose the show around £100,000. Stand out performances this week were Craig Colton, Janet Devlin, The Risk and Samantha Brookes. Jonjo Kerr seemed to get the worst judge comments of the night, which he humbly accepted. Gary Barlow still seemed to want to fill Simon’s shoes as Mr Nasty. He gave some extremely negative comments to 2 Shoes and Johnny Robinson.
POSTED: 08/10/11

The X Factor judges will each have to eliminate one of their own acts after the first live show this weekend, it has been revealed. The surprise twist will see Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos, Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh vote off one of the four artists in their respective categories on Sunday night, following Saturday night’s performances. There will consequently be no viewer vote for the first weekend, where the final 16 will become the final 12.
POSTED: 07/10/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

Reject Terry Winstanley has blasted judge Louis Walsh as “useless” after the mentor “gave no advice, no inspiration at all”. He told a newspaper: “Louis doesn’t give a toss about us, he was useless. We saw him three times – when he welcomed us to Barcelona, when we sang and for his final decision. “He gave us no advice, no inspiration at all, that’s not a mentor”.
POSTED: 03/10/11 – Source: thesun.co.uk

Everyone seems desperate to know what could be coming on this week’s X Factor live show and just what the big twist that was teased last night might be. On This Morning, presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby speculated about what the twist may be and came up with a few interesting theories. Holly thinks four previously unsuccessful contestants will be brought back, much like last year’s wildcard singers, but instead of fitting into an existing category, they will be mentored as their own group by a fifth judge – who may just be a returning Simon Cowell. Another theory discussed by the stars was the possibility that Simon Cowell would bring a number of contestants from his American series over to London, to compete against the final 16 British hopefuls. One last idea was that – now that they’ve each chosen their final four acts – producers would swap the judges around to take them out of their comfort zones.
POSTED: 03/10/11 – Source: unrealitytv.co.uk

In tonight’s Judges’ Houses episode, Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland, Tulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh each chose four acts from their assigned category to advance to the live shows. Barlow picked Marcus Collins, Craig Colton, James Michael and Frankie Cocozza as his Boys, eliminating Luke Lucas, Max Vickers, Joe Cox and returning contestant John Wilding. Group mentor Contostavlos, meanwhile, opted for Nu Vibe, 2 Shoes and Rhythmix over The Lovettes, Estrella and Girl V Boy. In an X Factor first, she also took Charlie Healy, the lead singer of rejected band The Keys, and put him through as part of rival boyband The Risk. In the Overs category, Walsh chose for the final shows Kitty Brucknell, Johnny Robinson, Jonjo Kerr and Goldie Cheung, though the latter has been replaced by Samantha Brookes after she chose to quit the show. Joseph Gilligan, Terry Winstanley and Carolynne Poole were sent home. Rowland, mentor of the Girls category, completed the lineup by selecting Janet Devlin, Amelia Lily, Misha Bryan and Sophie Habibis over Jade Richards, Holly Repton, Melanie McCabe and Sarah Watson.
POSTED: 02/10/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

The X Factor has confirmed that Goldie Cheung has officially withdrawn from the competition. Viewers last night saw the 49-year-old progress to the Judges’ Houses stage and discover that she would be mentored by judge Louis Walsh. Reports suggest that Cheung won a place in the live shows, but feared being used as a “joke” act.
POSTED: 26/09/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

Gary Barlow has reportedly agreed to write the winner’s song for this year’s X Factor champion. The Take That star is set to land a £1 million bonus, on top of his £1.5 million salary as a judge on the ITV1 show, The Sun reports. “The move will be a huge boost to the show’s credibility as it means the X Factor single won’t be just another cover,” a source said. “It’s a licence to print money for Gary. “It’s not like there is one winner. Whoever comes second usually has a good career like Olly Murs and JLS… he could end up writing for all of them.” Barlow has apparently warned bosses that he won’t write the material if a “joke” act wins. The insider added: “He’d be too embarrassed, he wants integrity more than money,” the insider added.
POSTED: 26/09/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

X Factor judges Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos, Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh have discovered which categories they will mentor for the rest of the show. Gary, who announced that he would be “leaving” the show if he got the groups, was delighted to be put in charge of his favourite category – the boys. Tulisa, meanwhile, was overjoyed to be assigned the groups, declaring to them: “You can’t even imagine how emotional I’m feeling right now. From now on, honestly, I am here 100% for all of you, from the bottom of my heart.” Upon discovering that she would be mentoring the girls, Kelly stressed to her new acts that communication would be the key to victory. “You got to communicate with me. I really mean, there are no crazy questions, there are no stupid questions, every question you ask me, I don’t care what time it is, I’m here for you, I really mean that. No crazy Hollywood talk.” X Factor veteran Walsh was left with the overs, a category that he earlier identified as his nightmare pick. “I’m going to work very hard,” Walsh told host Dermot O’Leary. “I’m still here, I’m still standing.” It was also revealed that Contostavlos and the groups will be heading to her Judges’ House in Greece, Walsh’s overs are set for Barcelona, while both Barlow and Rowland will take their categories to America, with boys being assessed in Los Angeles and the girls in Miami.
POSTED: 25/09/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

Cheryl Cole will never return to the X Factor after Simon Cowell promised this year’s judges that they would be keeping their places next year. The music mogul, who sacked Cole from the US version earlier this year, has apparently been left thrilled by Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos and Kelly Rowland. “Simon thinks all the judges have done an absolutely amazing job this year. He loves Kelly and Tulisa and there is zero chance of either of them losing their place next year,” a source told the Daily Mirror.
POSTED: 18/09/11 – Source: Gigwise.com

Cheryl Cole will reportedly return to The X Factor for the live shows. According to Heat, the Girls Aloud singer could replace one of the new judges should she make a comeback to the panel. Cole first joined the singing competition in 2008, but left this year when she was picked for The X Factor USA. She was later axed from the American show and replaced by Nicole Scherzinger. An alleged insider told the magazine: “It’s an extremely closely guarded secret. Some people who work on the show don’t even know about this yet, but Cheryl is in talks to come back as a guest judge on the live shows.
POSTED: 13/09/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

X Factor bosses reportedly called the police after jet ski riders persisted in interrupting filming of the reality show. Kelly Rowland is currently at a Miami beach house, where she and Jennifer Hudson are choosing which four singers to take through to the live shows. However, The Sun reports that filming was brought to a halt due to the noise of the jet skis being used outside of the property. “This guy was doing it on purpose. He kept waving and we had to call the police and eventually he left,” Dermot O’Leary told the paper. “The cops are like Miami Vice, and they sorted it out. We did have to stop filming for a while though.”
POSTED: 13/09/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

The new series of The X Factor hit Sunday night with more than 10 million viewers, while Fred West drama Appropriate Adult finished with nearly 4.5m, the latest audience data has shown. The X Factor was watched by 10.3m (37.8%) on ITV1 in the 8pm hour, and an additional 474k (1.8%) on ITV1+1. Spinoff show The Xtra Factor averaged a healthy 1.5m (5.8%) on ITV2 from 9pm and 134k (0.7%) on +1.
POSTED: 12/09/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

Louis Walsh is to mentor the X Factor Over 25s category for the second year in a row. The Irish judge will be taking four acts through to the live finals of the series, after Louis’ Judges’ Houses phase in Barcelona, Spain, last week. Meanwhile, Kelly Rowland is jetting off to Miami, Florida, to pick her four finalists in the Girls category, while Tulisa Contostavlos will head to Greece with the Groups. Finally, Gary Barlow is to take the Boys category to Take That bandmate Robbie Williams’ lavish pad in Los Angeles next week.
POSTED: 31/08/11 – Source: 4music.com

X Factor judge Louis Walsh is said to be livid with Simon Cowell after being “lumbered” with Sinitta as a mentor. It is understood that Walsh, the only original judge remaining on the panel, had secured Adele to join him at the Judges’ Houses stage of the competition in Barcelona and was “over the moon”. However, she was replaced at the last minute by Sinitta, who traditionally helped former judge Cowell pick his acts for the live shows, The Sunday Mirror reports. “One minute he was lined up with an international star who’s the woman of the moment, the next he was lumbered with an ’80s has-been whose high point was the questionable number two hit ‘So Macho’,” a source said.
POSTED: 28/08/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

Matt Cardle has admitted that he has not seen Simon Cowell since his X Factor victory in December last year. The ‘When We Collide’ singer told Radio 1’s Newsbeat that the music mogul has only been in “light contact” with him. Cardle explained: “I haven’t seen him personally since the show. There’s been some light contact over the phone. He’s so busy, he’s got X Factor USA to deal with.”
POSTED: 22/08/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

The first episode of this year’s X Factor was watched by an average of 10.5 million people on ITV1, according to initial overnight figures. The talent show’s eighth series is the first without judge Simon Cowell, who is developing a US version of the show. Last year’s opening episode achieved overnight figures of 11.1 million, the highest in the show’s history.
POSTED: 21/08/11 – Source: BBC News Online

Tinie Tempah will reportedly appear as a guest mentor on the new series of The X Factor. The rapper has been approached to join new judge Tulisa Contostavlos during the Judges’ Houses stage of the ITV1 competition, The Sun claims. The 22-year-old is now trying to clear his diary in order to accept the invitation. Meanwhile, it has also been claimed that Kelly Rowland has asked US star Usher to help her choose her finalists.
POSTED: 17/08/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

Gary Barlow, Tulisa Contostavlos, Kelly Rowland and Louis Walsh have wielded the axe at the X Factor Boot Camp in a surprise cull of contestants, Digital Spy can reveal. Before the acts had a chance to prove themselves at Boot Camp a number of singers were given the boot on the spot as the judges claimed that the standard of several acts hadn’t been up to scratch after reviewing the auditions. Gary Barlow told the hopefuls “We don’t believe everyone standing in front of us has the potential to make it all the way in this competition. Some of you are going home now.” Tulisa Contostavlos warned the them “This is a tough industry and we’ve got to believe in you.”
POSTED: 16/08/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

Louis Walsh has said that he won’t stand for any clichés or sob stories on this year’s X Factor. Walsh, who is the only remaining original judge on the ITV1 talent show, said that he had “really grown to hate” clichéd speeches from the contestants about their desire to succeed in the industry.
POSTED: 16/08/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

The wait is finally over. After what feels like the most epic build-up yet the X Factor will be returning to our screens next weekend. In an announcement made on the programme’s official Twitter feed last night, fans were told the show would be back at 7.30pm on Saturday 20th August.
POSTED: 10/08/11 – Source: new-magazine.co.uk

Tulisa Contostavlos was “shocked” by how harsh Gary Barlow is on The X Factor. The N-Dubz singer – who judges the show alongside Gary, Louis Walsh and Kelly Rowland – admitted the Take That star is her “biggest competition” as the pair battle it out to fill the ‘Mr. Nasty’ position on the panel. She said: “Gary is my biggest competition – especially when it comes to speaking his mind. I thought I was bad, but Gary is the shocker. He is harsh. “Gary always speaks his mind, if they are s**t he will tell you. “He just amazes me with what he comes out with. With me it’s Tulisa being Tulisa. Curbing Gary will be hard.”
POSTED: 09/08/11 – Source: 4music.com

The new series of The X Factor will include the competition’s longest ever live shows, according to a report. The eighth series of the programme is expected to kick off later this month. The Mirror claims that bosses are keen to maximise profits by having more extended episodes. “The feeling is that the audience can’t get enough of the show and extending the programmes again seems the natural next step,” a source said. “The idea is simple. More X Factor will mean more viewers, more advertising space, more telephone votes and, ultimately, more revenue.” Extra live shows will reportedly see the live finals kick off with 16 contestants. Last year, 12 finalists were joined by four “wild card” contestants. However, several double eliminations saw the number cut down over the 10 weeks.
POSTED: 02/08/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

Rihanna will reportedly have a starring role on the new series of The X Factor. According to the Daily Star, the S&M hitmaker has been drafted in to perform at the Boot Camp stage of the competition. It is thought that RiRi will sing for hopefuls who have made it through to the second round, before the judges welcome the auditionees on stage to perform after the Barbadian beauty, to make their decision who goes through to Judges’ Houses. An ITV source told the tabloid: “It’s very nerve-racking for the contestants but great viewing for the audience at home. Who could follow Rihanna and be confident? This will definitely weed out the good from the bad.”
POSTED: 01/08/11 – Source: MTV.co.uk

Gary Barlow chucked out an X Factor act who performed a dodgy Geri Halliwell cover at the London auditions last week. Barlow was forced to take control after singer Michael Lewis lay on the ground and refused to leave the stage.
POSTED: 11/07/11 – Source: Digitalspy.co.uk

Speaking on Radio 1, Olly Murs talked about who he thinks will be making appearances at the judges’ houses. As an Xtra Factor presenter, we think these could be more than just guesses, so listen up! He reckons Gary Barlow might have called up the king of The X Factor, Mr Simon Cowell. He said “For Kelly [Rowland], I would just love it to be Beyoncé. Like, wouldn’t we all? It would just be a dream come true”. “For Tulisa I thought Cheryl [Cole] would be a good one”. “And for Louis – Jedward! Could you imagine a really good boy band coming up and the boys would just be like, ‘I just don’t think you’re good enough, I don’t like it.'”
POSTED: 08/07/11 – Source: heatworld.com

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, but Simon Cowell is hoping that moving the final of this year’s X Factor to Wembley arena will impress the show’s fans. The live X Factor shows are usually filmed in a 300-seat TV studio, but this year the plan is to have a spectacular live grand final at the 12,500-seat Wembley arena. Ok, we have to admit the idea does sounds pretty impressive – the final will be like proper pop concert. A show insider told The Sun about the revamped show, “There may have been some concerns about the change in the judging panel, but viewers will forget all of that when they see the new-look show and final. We are very excited about making it bigger and better.”
POSTED: 28/06/11 – Source: heatworld.com

N-Dubz are reportedly on the brink of splitting up after Tulisa Contostavlos’ new role as a judge on The X Factor is allegedly causing problems in the band. According to The Sun, Contostavlos’ cousin and bandmate Dappy is said to be “furious” with Tulisa for replacing Cheryl Cole on the hit ITV talent show, so much so, that he believes the Camden collective are “all but over”. A source told the tabloid: “Dappy is livid about the whole situation. Tulisa has a new passion now – and that’s not what they got into the business for.”
POSTED: 17/06/11 – Source: MTV.co.uk

Nicole Scherzinger’s former manager has claimed that the drama over her replacing Cheryl Cole as an X Factor judge was a set-up from the very beginning. Jeff Haddad suggests that the former Pussycat Doll was always intended to be a judge on the US version of the reality pop show, and that Cole was used as a stooge to whip up publicity.
POSTED: 14/06/11 – Source: NME.com

The revamped judging panel of The X Factor have reportedly begun urging hopefuls not to attempt songs by Adele, after becoming sick of hearing covers of the star’s tracks. The judges confessed that they are “bored” of the British popstar’s songs, which have become an overused favourite of X Factor contestants, according to The Sun.
POSTED: 09/06/11 – Source: Digital Spy

Cheryl’s X Factor USA Exit Is Confirmed
American TV bosses have confirmed Cheryl Cole will no longer be a judge on the US version of the X Factor. It’s the first time Fox, Freemantle North America and Syco TV have confirmed the Girls Aloud star is no longer part of the format. In a statement, bosses confirmed that former Pussycat Dolls’ singer Nicole Scherzinger will be her replacement. Former T4 presenter Steve Jones will host the show by himself.
POSTED: 06/06/11 – Source: BBC Newsbeat

Simon In Talks About Cole’s Return To X Factor USA
Simon Cowell is in talks with US X Factor producers to get Cheryl Cole reinstated as a judge, his publicist has told the BBC News website. Max Clifford said discussions were going on “at the highest level” between Cowell, FremantleMedia and Fox TV. “Simon’s position is clear – he wants her to be on the show if that’s possible,” Clifford said. It was reported last week Cole had been dropped from the US show, although it was not officially confirmed. “The reason Simon hasn’t said anything is because he has been working to try and make sure she is on the show,” Clifford said. “But obviously there’s other important people involved in this decision in America and they’ve all got to be happy.
POSTED: 05/06/11 – Source: BBC News Online

Barlow Booed At Audition
Gary Barlow was reportedly booed at an X Factor audition, after he mistook a female contestant for a man. The Sun says that the Take That singer stunned the audience at Birmingham’s LG Arena when he questioned a tall blonde contestant about her gender. Barlow allegedly tried to clarify his query by asking if she was “born a man”. The unnamed hopeful, who had given “confusing” stories about her life, replied: “What? Of course I’m not.”
POSTED: 04/06/11 – Source: Digital Spy

New Xtra Factor Presenters Revealed
Olly Murs and Caroline Flack have been announced as the new presenters of The Xtra Factor. The X Factor star, who came second to Joe McElderry on the show in 2009, will be swapping the stage for the sofa after being confirmed along with Flack to replace Konnie Huq on the XF spin-off show. The news was announced via the show’s Twitter account, stating: “@carolineflack1 and Olly Murs @ollyofficial confirmed as hosts on Xtra Factor! #xfactor (sic)”
POSTED: 01/06/11 – Source: MTV.co.uk

Judges Wages Revealed
The pay of the new X Factor judges has been revealed. According to The Sun, Gary Barlow will pocket the most money and will bank £1.5 million for the series. Louis Walsh has the second highest pay at £1m. The female judges get the least, Kelly Rowland will pocket £750,000 while Tulisa Contostavlos will get £500,000.
POSTED: 31/05/11

2011 Judging Panel Has Been Announced
ITV have officially confirmed their new X Factor lineup. After weeks of deliberation, rumours and speculation, the TV channel have officially revealed that their four person panel will consist of Tulisa Contostavlos, Kelly Rowland, Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow.
POSTED: 30/05/11 – Source: Unrealitytv.co.uk

Cheryl Will Not Return To UK X Factor
Cheryl Cole will not return to The X Factor UK, it has been reported. The singer was rumoured to be rejoining the show after being axed from the American version earlier this week. She was given until midnight on Saturday to commit to the show ahead of Wednesday’s auditions, but ignored Simon Cowell’s calls as the deadline approached, reports the News of the World.
POSTED: 29/05/11 – Source: Digital Spy

Simon To Blame For Cheryl’s Sacking
Simon Cowell has reportedly admitted that he is “guilty” and “gutted” over Cheryl Cole’s sacking from US X Factor. According to Fox sources, the music mogul was unable to persuade executives to persist with the singer. An insider told The Sun: “He is gutted. He loves Cheryl and did everything in his power to get her on US TV. But channel chiefs just weren’t happy. It was a necessary evil and he feels terribly guilty about it.
POSTED: 28/05/11 – Source: Digital Spy

Cheryl Dropped From X Factor USA
Cheryl Cole has been dropped from the judging panel of the US version of The X Factor, according to a US report. Entertainment website TMZ said sources claimed producers were concerned the singer’s Newcastle accent was too strong for US audiences. Cole’s UK publicist has refused to comment on the story. Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, who had been lined up to co-host, will replace her, reports say. After months of speculation, it was confirmed earlier this month that Cole had landed the coveted spot on the judging panel alongside former American Idol judge Paula Abdul, Antonio LA Reid and Simon Cowell.
POSTED: 26/05/11 – Source: BBC News Online

Matt Edmondson To Co-Host Xtra Factor
Matt Edmondson will reportedly be one of the hosts of this year’s Xtra Factor. The Radio 1 DJ and T4 presenter impressed Simon Cowell and producers last year with his online spinoff The F Factor. According to The Sun, Edmondson has now been given the ITV2 job as a replacement for Konnie Huq. He is expected to be joined by a female presenter and Frankie Sandford, Kimberley Walsh, Caroline Flack and Stacey Solomon are apparently the frontrunners.
POSTED: 25/05/11 – Source: Digital Spy

Cheryl Lashes Out At Simon?
Cheryl Cole has reportedly lashed out at Simon Cowell for letting Dannii Minogue quit the UK version of The X Factor. According to the Sunday Mirror, the Girls Aloud beauty – who resigned from the UK show to concentrate on The X Factor USA – has attacked SiCo for not fighting to keep Dannii, and fears the show will suffer after losing three of its original panelists.
POSTED: 23/05/11 – Source: MTV.co.uk

X Factor Bosses Voice Concern
Dannii Minogue’s exit from The X Factor has reportedly caused ‘chaos’ behind the scenes. The Mirror claims that bosses are growing tired of Simon Cowell’s indecision over who will sit on the judging panel for the new series. Cowell previously confirmed that Take That’s Gary Barlow will join Louis Walsh – who is expected to return to his position. However, it has been suggested that there are fears that possible replacements Tulisa Contostavlos and Kelly Rowland will disappoint viewers. “She is not a big enough name,” one boss allegedly said of the N-Dubz star. “She is not another Cheryl Cole or a Dannii.” An insider continued: “ITV wants things signed and sealed but Simon is still changing his mind and thinking of new names.
POSTED: 20/05/11 – Source: Digital Spy

Barlow To Earn £1.5m
Take That’s Gary Barlow is set to earn 1.5 million pounds for his new role as X Factor judge, it has been reported. The singer has been offered the sum to replace Simon Cowell as head judge on the X Factor, The Sun reports. ”Gary Barlow is the first person confirmed. Gary is not exactly a D-list celebrity so hiring him comes with a cost. With Cheryl and Simon out of the picture there was some decent cash to hire big names,” a source told The Sun. As previously reported on Gigwise, Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh are now the only two confirmed judges for the new series of the show.
POSTED: 18/05/11 – Source: Gigwise.com

Dannii Minogue Quits
Dannii Minogue is leaving The X Factor after three years but has denied reports she was sacked by Simon Cowell. “I am so disappointed that I can’t be a part of The X Factor this year,” she confirmed in a statement. “I’m going to miss the show and the amazing team who work so incredibly hard on it.” The mum-of-one blamed scheduling conflicts with her other judging role, on Australia’s Got Talent, for her decision. “During discussions for me to return it became clear that unfortunately, this year, the X Factor audition dates in the UK clash with the live shows of Australia’s Got Talent during June and July,” Dannii explained.
POSTED: 17/05/11 – Source: MTV.co.uk

Gary Barlow NOT Yet Confirmed
Simon Cowell has left chaos at home after announcing Gary Barlow would be in one of the hotseats of the British version of The X Factor – a claim which the show’s bosses have since denied. ‘Gary Barlow is the first person confirmed,’ said Cowell as he turned out for filming in the US. His revelation sparked a mad panic in both his own camp and Barlow’s. Show bosses here insisted Gary, 40, had not signed a mega bucks deal yet despite Cowell’s public green light. Barlow is expected to join regular hosts Dannii Minogue, 39, and Louis Walsh, 58, on the panel although neither has signed a contract.
POSTED: 10/05/11 – Source: Metro.co.uk

Cheryl “A Huge Hit” On X Factor USA
It seems Simon Cowell’s gamble to recruit Cheryl Cole for The X Factor USA is paying off, following reports that the US public have fallen in love with the Geordie. According to The Sun, the Girls Aloud beauty is proving to be a huge hit across the pond, with even apparent rival and fellow X Factor USA judge Paula Abdul confessing that Chezza is “lovely.”
POSTED: 10/05/11 – Source: MTV.co.uk

X Factor USA Hosts Revealed
US pop star Nicole Scherzinger and Welsh TV presenter Steve Jones will host the American version of The X Factor, it has been announced. Former Pussycat Doll Scherzinger, who appeared as a judge on the UK version of the show last year, said she was “thrilled” with her new job. Jones, said he “couldn’t be happier” about co-hosting the programme.
POSTED: 08/05/11 – Source: BBC News Online

Cheryl WILL Be A Judge On The X Factor USA
Cheryl Cole has landed a job on the judging panel of the US version of The X Factor, Simon Cowell has confirmed. The 27-year-old Girls Aloud star, who has worked on the past three series of the UK show, is expected to start filming on Friday. “I’m so excited to be taking part in the American version of The X Factor,” Cole said in a statement. It is not clear whether she will have a role in the UK version of the show. Cole will join Cowell and former record boss Antonio LA Reid on the US panel. “I’m thrilled for Cheryl,” said Cowell. “She is massively excited about this show and has been fantastic to work with. “She is also a complete brat. Most importantly, this girl can spot talent.”
POSTED: 05/05/11 – Source: BBC News Online

One Direction Experimenting With Debut Album
One Direction are apparently “experimenting” with sounds for their debut album. According to The X Factor vocal producer Savan Kotecha, the boyband – who came third in last year’s series of the talent show – are exploring all genres of music for their first LP and have already made some “catchy” tunes. Kotecha, who has previously worked with the likes of former XF winner Leona Lewis and Britney Spears, is involved in the “early stages” of One Direction’s album – which is due for release later this year.
POSTED: 04/05/11 – Source: MTV.co.uk

Ozzy Osbourne To Be A Judge?
Ozzy Osbourne is said to be the newest member of X Factor’s judging panel, to replace Cheryl Cole. Following in his wife’s footsteps, the 62-year-old rocker is said to be taking a seat next to Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue in the upcoming series. Despite Ozzy previously having said of X Factor: ‘It’s about killing music to make light entertainment. It should be about music and talent but it’s not.’ Osbourne’s name is the latest being thrown around to join the panel after it was reported that Cheryl is set to leave the UK show for the US version.
POSTED: 18/04/11 – Source: The Daily Mail Online

Cowell Won’t Appear Weekly On Next Series
Simon Cowell will not appear on a weekly basis on The X Factor, ITV chief Peter Fincham has confirmed. Following a string of tabloid reports claiming that Cowell was quitting the UK show, Fincham – ITV’s director of television – said that the media mogul’s role “will not be as great as previous years”. “We have been aware that his on-screen ­involvement in this series will not be as great as ­previous years for months now. It is something that we are ­completely ­comfortable with. “We are talking to him about ways he can have an on-screen presence later in the show. He will not be a weekly judge, but he will be an enormous presence backstage as always.”
POSTED: 17/04/11 – Source: Digital Spy

The Saturdays’ Frankie To Be A Judge?
The Saturdays star Frankie Sanford is in talks to be a new judge on The X Factor, it has been claimed. The 22-year-old singer apparently impressed producers with her stunning looks and outspoken opinions, with executives believing she would make the perfect addition to the panel. And bosses think Frankie would be the perfect celebrity to replace Cheryl Cole if she leaves the programme to work as a judge on the U.S. version of the show. A source told The Sun: ‘Frankie has all the right ingredients for an X Factor judge – she looks great, she can hold her own and she’s been there.
POSTED: 16/04/11 – Source: The Daily Mail Online

Mel B Sparks Rumours She Is To Replace Cheryl
Mel B appeared to let slip in a radio interview yesterday that she will have a role on this year’s X Factor. The former Spice Girl revealed on Heart radio that she is planning to move back to the UK later this year for “quite some time” with her family. She quickly added: “I don’t think I was meant to say that though. Oh sorry, pregnant brain, maybe that was a secret.” When probed by presenter Jamie Theakston whether that meant she is replacing Cheryl Cole on the ITV1 talent show, she replied: “Maybe so… anyway… I’m in so much trouble, why did I do this interview? I don’t talk about anything unless it’s ready to go.”
POSTED: 13/04/11 – Source: Digital Spy

Noel Gallagher Turns Down X Factor Job
Noel Gallagher has reportedly turned down an offer from Simon Cowell to join the X Factor lineup. The Oasis star is thought to have been offered £1 million to sit on the judging panel of the ITV show and insider claim that Cowell thought his ‘no nonsense attitude’ would work well with contestants. The Sun reports that the music mogul was so desperate to land the 43-year-old star, that he asked him to “name his price”. However, despite being offered a “head-spinning amount of cash”, Gallagher turned the offer down.
POSTED: 08/04/11 – Source: Unrealitytv.co.uk

Cheryl To Have Her Pay Doubled?
ITV bosses have reportedly offered to double Cheryl Cole’s pay if she agrees to return to The X Factor. They are obviously keen to keep the Geordie star amid speculation that Simon Cowell will not be returning to the UK series. A massive salary hike would also allow Cheryl to save face if she doesn’t win a spot on The X Factor USA judging panel.
POSTED: 02/04/11 – Source: MTV.co.uk

George Michael Denies X Factor Role
George Michael has refuted suggestions that he has landed a guest judge slot on The X Factor. Speaking on today’s Loose Women, the ex-Wham! singer ruled out any possible judging role on the show, after The Sun reported that he had agreed to a £75,000 deal to appear on one edition.
POSTED: 18/03/11 – Source: Digital Spy

Cardle Signs Joint Record Deal
Matt Cardle has reportedly become the first X Factor winner to sign a joint deal – not giving Simon Cowell’s Syco label complete control of his career. The Sun reports that Cardle is now signed in a 50/50 deal with both Syco and Columbia.
POSTED: 15/03/11 – Source: Digital Spy

Cheryl “Too Big” For UK X Factor
Cheryl Cole has reportedly told her family that she will not return to the UK version of The X Factor. According to Heat, speculation about her joining the US port of the show has led Cole to believe that she is too famous to rejoin the British judging panel. A supposed insider told the magazine: “After the US stuff, she seems to think she’s too big for the UK X Factor.”
POSTED: 08/03/11 – Source: Digital Spy

Louis And Dannii Told To “Apply” For Their Jobs
Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue have reportedly been told that they will have to formally apply for their roles on the X Factor judging panel. According to The Mirror, the duo are “embarrassed and frustrated” after discovering that they have to go through an interview to secure their positions on the UK show.
POSTED: 07/03/11 – Source: Digital Spy

Lily Allen Judge Rumours
Lily Allen is the latest star in the frame to join the judging panel of The X Factor, according to reports. Lily’s spokesperson wouldn’t confirm or deny any X Factor developments but did admit that the star “gets lots of offers to appear on TV”.
POSTED: 05/03/11 – Source: MTV.co.uk

Gamu To Leave The UK
Gamu Nhengu, a contestant on last year’s X Factor, is to leave the country as soon as possible after she lost her appeal to stay in the country. According to The Sun, Border Agency chiefs have ruled it is safe for her to return to Zimbabwe.
POSTED: 05/03/11 – Source: The Sun

London Auditions To Clash With Royal Wedding
X Factor bosses were apparently in a panic this week after they realised that a day of auditions will clash with the Royal Wedding. The London O2 auditions have been arranged for Friday 29th April, the same day that of the Royal Wedding just five miles away.
POSTED: 25/02/11

Facebook Voting Possible For Next Series
X Factor producers are in talks with Facebook over new voting methods for the TV show, say reports. According to The Sun, Simon Cowell wants viewers to be able to select their favourite acts via the social-networking site through a credit system.
POSTED: 23/02/11– Source: Digital Spy

Cowell & Cole Quit UK X Factor?
Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole have allegedly decided not to return to the next UK series of The X Factor. The News of the World reports that the judging pair, who have been tipped to work together on the US show’s panel, made it clear to ITV bosses that they will not have time to appear on both programmes. Cowell is quoted by a ‘friend’ as saying: “I’m committed to the American show and I’m not going to do both.”
POSTED: 20/02/11– Source: Digital Spy

Louis & Dannii Worried For Their X Factor Futures
Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue fear that their X Factor jobs are at risk, according to a source. Female First reports that the pair are seething with music mogul Simon Cowell for his coyness over the fate of the UK show. Walsh allegedly told a friend: “He’s driving me insane! The show is going to crumble to pieces. I am meant to have a two-year contract but the way things are going I could be gone, too. None of us have a clue if we’re going to be back for the new series or if the new series will even go ahead. We’re in total limbo.”
POSTED: 19/02/11– Source: Digital Spy

No Ireland Auditions This Year
This year’s series of The X Factor will not hold auditions in Ireland, it has been revealed. The Sun reports that try-outs for the upcoming run of the ITV reality show will take place in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Cardiff and – for the first time – Liverpool.
POSTED: 04/02/11– Source: Digital Spy

No Contracts Signed For 2011 Series
The X Factor has apparently yet to agree a deal with any judges for the upcoming series – despite auditions beginning in a matter of weeks. The ongoing negotiations for the US version of the reality show have reportedly meant that preparation on the upcoming ITV series has ground to a halt, since the futures of Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole – as well as presenter Dermot O’Leary – are still unclear.
POSTED: 04/02/11– Source: Digital Spy

Flack Rules Out Xtra Factor Job
Caroline Flack has said that she wouldn’t leave her presenting job on I’m A Celebrity to host The Xtra Factor. Flack has been repeatedly linked to the ITV2 show, which was hosted last year by Konnie Huq.
POSTED: 01/02/11– Source: Digital Spy

Katie Price For X Factor?
Simon Cowell has hinted that Katie Price could be in line to join The X Factor as a judge. Cowell is widely believed to be limiting his involvement in the next series of the UK reality show in order to concentrate on the upcoming US version, and it still remains unclear who will make up the judging panel on the ITV1 competition.
POSTED: 31/01/11– Source: Digital Spy

Robbie To Replace Cowell?
Robbie Williams is being lined up to replace Simon Cowell on The X Factor, according to reports. Producers are seeking an A-list star to fill Simon’s shoes should he decide to concentrate his efforts on the US version, rather than do both shows consecutively. “Robbie is a huge name so would naturally be a massive ratings hit. Not only that, he is also straight-talking and comical,” a show insider told the Daily Star.
POSTED: 30/01/11– Source: MTV.co.uk

Matt Pranked By One Direction
Matt Cardle has had to get a new mobile phone number after having a prank played on him by his former fellow X Factor contestants. The lads from boyband One Direction leaked Matt’s phone number on Twitter and he was bombarded by loads of calls from fans.
POSTED: 30/01/11

Record Contracts For Top Four
Simon Cowell’s team have publicly stated that the top four contestants from the last series of the X Factor have all gained a record contract. Winner Matt Cardle, Cher Lloyd and One Direction have all been signed by SyCo and Rebecca Ferguson is signed with Epic, a different Sony department.
POSTED: 23/01/11

Robbie Williams’ Mentor To Help Matt Cardle
Simon Cowell has reportedly hired the help of Robbie Williams’ mentor to make The X Factor winner, Matt Cardle, a huge star. According to The Sun, SiCo has recruited experienced A&R guru, Chris Briggs, to work with Cardle, after Briggs famously paired the Take That star up with writer Guy Chambers to pen Robbie’s smash hit single, Angels.
POSTED: 04/01/11 – Source: MTV.co.uk


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