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Rhydian signs a deal.
X Factor runner-up, Rhydian has been given the same prize as the winner Leon Jackson. He has signed a million pound contract with Simon Cowell’s label Sony BMG.
POSTED: 13/01/08

Leon V Rhydian again.
Rhydian and Leon are set for a face-off again when they both sing at the Six Nations Rugby. Welsh Rhydian and Scot Leon will sing the national anthems when their countries meet at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium in February.
POSTED: 30/12/07

Leon has festive chart topper.
Leon Jackson has this year’s Christmas number one with a cover of ‘When You Believe’. The single out sold the rest of the top ten put together. The single sold 275,742 copies in less than a week. Last year’s X Factor winner, Leona Lewis has the Christmas number one album with ‘Spirit’.
POSTED: 23/12/07

No foul play say ITV
ITV has assured viewers that there were “no irregularities” with voting for the final of The X Factor on Saturday night. TV regulator Ofcom has received more than 1100 complaints from viewers claiming that they were unable to vote for bookies’ favourite Rhydian Roberts, who finished second place to Leon Jackson. “We know there are many Rhydian fans who are disappointed that he did not win, but the simple fact is that Leon won The X Factor fair and square,” the broadcaster said in a statement this afternoon. ITV added that millions of votes had been cast and that Leon was the outright winner on the night “by a full 10% of the vote”. The statement continued: “Phone lines were monitored through the night and there were no irregularities on the voting lines. Call levels for the final were very high and depending on phone operators some callers may have experienced an engaged tone or network busy message. A tiny number of mobile customers did experience problems getting through because of high call volumes but viewers can be reassured that this would absolutely not have affected the outcome of the show. As all numbers go through to the same lines and vote platform it is impossible for there to be any bias in favour of or against a particular contestant.”
POSTED: 18/12/07 – Source: Digital Spy

The final of the X Factor has taken place and saw Leon being given the million pound record contract. He was up against the other finalists Same Difference and the bookies and media’s favourite Rhydian.

They all performed three songs each, for one of which they were joined by a famous artist. Same Difference sang with Jason Donovan, Rhydian sang with Catherine Jenkins while Leon sang with Kylie Minogue.

Same Difference was the first to leave after polling the least amount of votes throughout the evening. Leon & Rhydian then sang their versions of the winners single ‘When You Believe’.

Finally, the winner was announced and the ‘favourite’ to win, Rhydian came second leaving a very stunned Leon as the winner. The emotional singer than sung his debut single again and in floods of tears revealed that it “hasn’t sunk in”.
Congratulations Leon!
POSTED: 16/12/07

The X Factor final songs revealed
The X Factor hopefuls will perform three songs on this week’s final: a Christmas classic, their favourite song from the series and a duet with a celebrity partner. Leon Jackson will perform alongside Kylie Minogue; Rhydian Roberts will sing with Katherine Jenkins; and Same Difference will duet with Jason Donovan. After the third place act has been announced, the two remaining contestants will perform their version of ‘When You Believe’, this year’s X Factor winner’s single. The champion of The X Factor 2007 will then be revealed.

Here are the final song choices:

Leon Jackson (for Dannii)
‘White Christmas’ (made famous by Bing Crosby)
‘You Don’t Know Me’ (Ray Charles)
‘Better The Devil You Know’, Duet with Kylie Minogue

Rhydian Roberts (for Dannii)
‘O Holy Night’ (Christmas carol)
‘Somewhere’ (Barbra Streisand)
‘You Raise Me Up’, Duet with Katherine Jenkins

Same Difference (for Simon)
‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ (Mariah Carey)
‘Breaking Free’ (from High School Musical)
‘Any Dream Will Do’, Duet with Jason Donovan
POSTED: 14/12/07

Sharon slams Danni
Sharon Osbourne has claimed that fellow X Factor judge Dannii Minogue was hired because of her appearance. During an interview on BBC2’s Graham Norton Show, she said: “Dannii knows she’s there because of her looks, not because of her contribution to the music industry.” She also added fuel to rumours that Minogue is romantically involved with Simon Cowell, saying: “She’s younger. She’s better-looking. Simon wants her and he doesn’t want me… thank God!” Osbourne criticised Niki Evans’ elimination from the ITV1 show last week, telling Norton: “It was a travesty she got the boot. I felt she was what the show was about.  “She hasn’t really had a break in her life; she represents every working mum in the country, and they boot her off!” She added: “And as for Rhydian – of course he’s going to win, but what do I know anymore?”
POSTED: 14/12/07 – Source: Digital Spy

Final three revealed
The semi-final has taken place and the finalists have been revealed. Sadly to make way for the final three, one act had to go and that was Louis’ last act Niki. She polled the lowest amount of votes on the night and had to go.
So the next show is the final and the three acts competing for the million pound contract will be two of Danni’s acts Leon and Rhydian and Simon’s last act Same Difference. The final show will be packed with surprises and the finalists will sing with some of their idols.
POSTED: 09/12/07

Rhydian ‘desperate’ to beat Leon
X Factor hopeful Rhydian Roberts has admitted that he is desperate to last longer than Leon Jackson, the other remaining contestant in the ‘Boys 14-24′ category. Roberts has become more competitive as the ITV1 singing contest progresses, but he sparked a particular rivalry with Jackson, his challenger for the attention of Dannii Minogue, the boys’ mentor. Roberts said: “Coming third or fourth is not good enough. I want to be in that final two and I really don’t want to be beaten by Leon.”
POSTED: 08/12/07 – Source: Digital Spy

Danni wants to beat Louis
Dannii Minogue has vowed to get revenge on her fellow X Factor judges by making sure that one of her acts wins the competition. The Australian pop star has faced criticism from co-star Louis Walsh, who regularly questions her ability as a mentor. On last night’s show, he went a step further and claimed that she had never had a hit record.
POSTED: 02/12/07 – Source: Digital Spy

No Hope
From Saturday the judges lost their power and only the public vote determined who will go and stay. This week’s victims were ‘Hope’ who polled the lowest amount of votes. It is fair to say they were the weakest act on this week’s show and even Simon, their tutor, said that their first song wasn’t good enough. The next show is the semi-finals where Leon, Rhydian, Same Difference and Niki will fight for a place in the final.
POSTED: 02/12/07

The judges lose their power from this weekend.
The live shows are now down to the final five acts and from this weekend the judges have no say in it. Only the public votes will count. So whoever polls the lowest amount of votes from the public will go home.
POSTED: 25/11/07

Louis is down to his final act.
The theme of this weeks live show was love songs. The two acts in the bottom two were Hope and Beverley. Louis and Simon obviously chose to save their own acts leaving Danni and Sharon. Sharon chose to send Hope home and Sharon chose the easy way out and chose Beverley which meant it was a draw. So it went to sudden death, meaning whoever polled the lowest amount of votes from the public would go home. That was Beverley so Hope will remain in the competition and are in the final five.
POSTED: 25/11/07

Leona’s fastest selling album ever.
Last Year’s X Factor winner, Leona Lewis officially has the fastest selling album of all time. The album ‘Spirit’ sold 375,872 copies in it’s first week of release. That beats the Arctic Monkey’s record set last year.
POSTED: 19/11/07

Sharon loses her last act.
The fifth live show has seen Sharon lose her last act. Alisha was in the sing-off with Hope. Obviously Simon & Sharon voted to save their own acts respectively which left Louis and Danni. Danni chose to send home Alisha and Louis said it was the hardest decision he has had to make this series but chose to send home Alisha. Sharon now has no acts left and says she will be impartial in the weeks to come as she judges the remaining acts.
POSTED: 18/11/07

Rhydian almost quits the show.
Rhydian Roberts came close to quitting the show this week, according to a report. The Welsh singer was eventually persuaded to stay in the competition after he confided in friends about the way he is treated by his fellow contestants. While talking about the other finalists, Rhydian was overheard complaining: “They just take the p*** out of me. They are always doing it. They are making me want to leave the show. I’ve had enough. I want to quit now.” A source told the Daily Star Sunday: “Rhydian seemed genuinely upset and was moaning that he wanted to pack it all in. He was clearly fed-up and seemed sick of tired of the whole show and the ribbing he gets constantly.”
POSTED: 18/11/07 – Source: Digital Spy

Emily thinks her romance won’t last.
The ex-boyfriend of X Factor hopeful Emily Biggs has warned that her relationship with fellow finalist Leon Jackson will not last. Emily, who sings in girl group Hope, decided to dump builder Louis Hill after developing feelings for Leon. However, in an interview with the News of the World, Louis insisted: “It won’t last. I’ll wait as long as it takes for her. She’s the best lover I’ve ever had.”
POSTED: 18/11/07 – Source: Digital Spy

Danni loses her first act.
The fourth live show took place on Saturday and the public vote polled Andy and Beverley in the bottom two. After the sing-off Louis voted to save his act Beverley, Sharon also, reluctantly, voted Andy to go home as Danni saved him as she is his mentor. Simon got the casting vote and chose to send a very emotional Andy home. Andy is the first act from Danni’s ‘Boys’ group to be voted off.
POSTED: 10/11/07

Simon sends Futureproof home.
The third live show took place on Saturday night with one contestant down after Emily quit the show after bad press. This week saw two of Simon’s acts in the bottom two and the groups Futureproof and Hope had to face each other in the sing off. Louis chose to save Hope and so did Sharon, Danni chose to save Futureproof so Simon had the casting vote and was forced top send home one of his own acts. He chose Futureproof so Hope will be back to sing again on Saturday.
POSTED: 04/11/07

Emily quits The X Factor.
Emily Nakanda has quit the show after bad press over the past few days. Tabloids have revealed that the 15 year-old is part of a gang after being spotted on the gang’s Myspace.com profile. Disturbing pictures of her performing a, so called, happy slap attack were also printed. The pictures apparently showed her beating another pupil from her school.Emily made the decision to quit the show after the stories were printed. It means that Sharon Osbourne only has one contestant left in her ‘Girls’ category. Sharon has said that she is “deeply saddened” by the situation.
POSTED: 02/11/07

The second live show.
The second live show saw Sharon return to the judging panel after walking out the previous week. Leon came under blistering attack from Louis Walsh, after his performance, and Louis also used his comments to Leon to promote Westlife’s new single. Many have branded Louis’ comments as out of order. This week Louis lost an act as Daniel De Bourg was voted off of the show.
POSTED: 28/10/07

More stars signed as mentors.
James Blunt and Boyz II Men are the latest stars to sign-up to mentor the contestants on The X Factor. They join the likes of Celine Dion, Michael Jackson and Kylie Minogue who have also been signed as mentors.
POSTED: 28/10/07

Sharon will be back.
Sharon Osbourne WILL be back on the X Factor on Saturday. She had originally said that she has quit the show after two of her three acts were in the bottom two on Saturday’s show. It has been announced that she will be back this weekend. Some are describing the whole thing as a massive publicity stunt. Rumours suggest that Sharon had a row with Danni shortly before the show went live. Apparently Danni was left in tears after the spat.
POSTED: 22/10/07

X Factor goes live as Sharon quits
The X Factor live shows kicked off this weekend. Apparently Simon Cowell was not happy that the first show could not have a prime-time slot due to the World Cup Rugby Final so the show kicked off at 5.45pm instead. The first casualty of this series was Kimberley who was voted off the first live show last night. Sharon Osbourne claims she has now quit the show after two of her three acts were in the bottom two. It remains to be seen if she turns up for next weeks show.
POSTED: 21/10/07

Groups at war already.
X Factor girl group Hope have revealed that they feel “hurt” after their boyband rivals Futureproof branded them “prima donnas”. The female five-piece were devastated to read a magazine interview in which Futureproof criticised their attitude towards the singing contest and their sense of style. However, Futureproof insisted that their comments were made in jest and shouldn’t be taken seriously. “In all honesty we were having a laugh, and then the press wrote whatever they wanted to write out of it. It was our fault for being silly and having a laugh with the press,” said Adam Chandler. “We’ve all apologised to them and that’s all we can do, but they’re still on about it.”
POSTED: 17/10/07 – Source: Digital Spy

Judges “houses” not their homes.
Louis Walsh has admitted the “judges’ houses” seen on The X Factor are not their real homes. He told BBC Two’s Graham Norton Show: “That wasn’t my house. That wasn’t Sharon’s house or Dannii’s house or Simon’s house either.” He also said “Sharon sold her house to Christina Aguilera, so that was a rented house. Mine was a rented house. I wouldn’t have had all that rubbish in my house, the stuff on the walls and the lights and all that.” A spokeswoman insisted viewers had not been deceived, as the rented houses were never referred to as their “homes”. She said “The contestants are invited to a house. We call them the judges’ houses, not the judges’ homes. “We have never said they are the judges’ real homes and it has been this way for the past four years.”
POSTED: 12/10/07

Michael Jackson & Girls Aloud booked as mentors.
Michael Jackson and Girls Aloud have been booked to mentor the X Factor finalists during this series. Michael has agreed to do it on 1st December in what is being called a huge coup for the ITV show. Meanwhile Girls Aloud will also mentor and perform on the show before a rumoured split at the end of the year.
POSTED: 07/10/07

Louis says Sorry.
X Factor Judge Louis Walsh has apologised for his outburst when he found out that he will mentor the over 25’s group on this series. He originally told the group that he did not want to mentor them but this week said sorry for overreacting.
POSTED: 07/10/07

The mentors of the category’s revealed.
The judges have found out which category’s they will be mentoring for the live stage of The X Factor this year. Sharon will mentor the girls, Danni will mentor the boys, Simon will mentor the groups leaving Louis to mentor the over 25’s. Louis was unhappy to be given this category.
POSTED: 30/09/07

Jennifer Lopez to replace Sharon as a judge.
Jennifer Lopez is apparently being lined-up to be a judge on the next series of the X Factor. Sharon Osbourne has said that she is to quit the show after this series to concentrate on other projects. Jennifer Lopez is apparently in discussions with producers to agree a fee for her to replace Sharon on the next series.
POSTED: 23/09/07

Sharon to quit the X Factor
Sharon Osbourne has revealed that she will quit The X Factor after this series. She has apparently told pals that she wants to move on to work on other projects. Sources also say that with Simon bringing new judge Danni Minogue on board she feels increasingly “out of the loop”.
POSTED: 09/09/07

Cheryl Cole slams The X Factor
Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole has blasted this year’s X Factor for allowing kids as young as 14 to enter. She says they are too young to cope with fame and criticised the show for dropping the minimum age from 16. She said “At that age you’re very delicate”
POSTED: 09/09/07

Simon asks the stars to mentor the finalists.
Simon Cowell has asked Jennifer Lopez to mentor the X Factor finalists later this year. As was the case in last year’s series, Cowell has plans for a different star to advise the contestants each week. They will also perform and offer their comments on the Saturday night live show. According to The Sun, Lopez, Celine Dion and Sir Elton John have been approached to appear. Producers are also in final talks with Kylie Minogue, who was asked to get involved by her sister Dannii after she joined the judging panel. The third series saw stars including Take That, Westlife, Rod Stewart and Lionel Richie appearing on the show.
POSTED: 29/08/07 – Source: Digital Spy

Simon ‘unimpressed’ with Louis
Simon Cowell has told off his fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh for slagging off the Spice Girls, say reports. Walsh made the remarks earlier in the month, branding the reformed girl group “untalented” and “overrated”. However, Cowell was apparently unimpressed by his colleagues comments because he wanted the girl-power group to guest on the latest series of the reality TV show.
POSTED: 26/08/07 – Source: Digital Spy

X Factor returns with healthy ratings
The fourth series of the X Factor started this weekend and the first episode pulled in 11 million viewers. Simon Cowell has apparently said that there will not be a fifth series of the show if it is a ratings flop this year.
POSTED: 19/08/07

Simon plans an X Factor chart battle
Simon Cowell is planning to engineer a chart battle between the next X Factor winner and last year’s victor Leona Lewis. Bookies expect the champion of the fourth series to grab the Christmas No.1 spot later this year, but it is believed that Cowell does not want the result to be a foregone conclusion. Instead, he is making plans for the second single from Leona’s new album to be released in time for Christmas, making the battle for the top spot more unpredictable than anticipated.
POSTED: 19/08/07 – Source: Digital Spy

Louis unhappy with his category
X Factor star Louis Walsh is unhappy with the category that he has been given to mentor for this year’s series. The four judges have already been told whether they will be looking after boys aged 14 to 24, girls aged 14 to 24, the over 25s or the groups, but are under strict instructions to keep quiet about the news. However, Simon Cowell has let slip that Louis is furious with the producers’ decision. “Everyone’s happy with their category apart from Louis,” Cowell is quoted by the Daily Star as saying. “He’s made it clear he is not very pleased.”
POSTED: 19/08/07 – Source: Digital Spy

Simon complains about alleged misleading footage
Simon Cowell has complained about the recent controversies surrounding misleading footage on TV shows. The music mogul’s X Factor talent series was criticised last week, after ITV admitted that “pick-up shots” had been used to film judges’ reactions to Brian Friedman’s departure and Louis Walsh’s return. Cowell has laughed off suggestions that producers should use graphics to indicate which scenes have been re-shot, insisting that such a move would not be sensible. “Where do you draw the line? Do you say on Jaws a disclaimer at the top to say, ‘We didn’t use a real shark and no-one got eaten.’ I think we’re more honest than other shows,” Simon told the News of the World. “The most important thing is not to get caught up in this crazy climate.”
POSTED: 19/08/07 – Source: Digital Spy

X Factor 4 is nearly here
The X Factor returns for 2007 to take us through the autumn months. The show hunts the nation to look for undiscovered music talent. There are quite a few changes to this series though. For a start Dermot O’Leary has replaced Kate Thornton as the presenter. Simon Cowell sacked Louis Walsh from the judging team and then re-hired him again. There is also a new addition to the judging panel this season. Danni Minogue, Kylie’s sister, has joined Simon, Louis and Sharon Osbourne to cast her views on the hopefuls. There is an extra judge this year because the minimum entry age has been lowered to 14 and the youngest category will be split into boys and girls. The winner of the show gets a £1 million record contract and an almost certain Christmas Number One
POSTED: 07/08/07


Leon’s Journey On The X Factor


Above left to right-
Danni Minogue, Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh


Dermot O’Leary – X Factor
Ferne Cotton – Xtra Factor