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U2 are to headline next year’s Glastonbury Festival, helping the event celebrate its 40th anniversary with their first appearance there. The band will lead the line-up at the Somerset show on Friday 25 June. It will be their first festival gig for more than 25 years and will see them make a flying visit to the UK in the middle of a North American tour. Some 177,500 people will be at the event, but tickets sold out in 24 hours after going on sale last month. A statement from festival organiser Michael Eavis said: “The 26-year-old rumour has finally come true. At last, the biggest band in the world are going to play the best festival in the world. “Nothing could be better for our 40th anniversary party. And there are even more surprises in the pipeline…”
POSTED: Mon 23/11/09 – Source: BBC News Online

Tickets for next year’s Glastonbury Festival have sold out in less than 24 hours after going on sale on Sunday morning. People who had registered in advance were able to buy a ticket or pay a £50 deposit to reserve one before paying the full amount by 28 February 2010. Tickets are £10 more expensive than in 2009 with a pass for the three days of the festival costing £185 with a £5 booking fee and £4.95 postage. Last year tickets took several weeks to sell out, and the year before there were tickets available right up until the festival. Glastonbury organisers stuck with the same ticket registration system employed last year with anyone over 13 having to register their details before passes for the Pilton Farm festival went on sale. A statement on the Glastonbury website read: “Tickets for Glastonbury 2010 went on sale at 9am this morning (Sunday 4 October) and the festival’s 40th anniversary is now sold out. “Thank you to all those who bought tickets. Confirmation emails are still in the process of being sent out. “For those who didn’t manage to reserve or buy tickets today (Sunday), there will be a small number of tickets on sale over the coming weeks when any failed transactions have been cancelled. “For anyone who is not already registered, registration will reopen at 9am tomorrow (Monday 5 October) at” 2010 will see Glastonbury festival celebrating its 40th anniversary.
POSTED: Mon 05/10/09 – Source: BBC Newsbeat

Glastonbury has announced ticket details for next year’s event (2010). The festival will stick with the same ticket registration system employed last year whereby anyone over 13 must register their details before passes for the Pilton Farm festival go on sale at 9am Sunday 4 October. Priced at £185 with a £5 booking fee and £4.95 postage, tickets are £10 more expensive than in 2009, an necessary increase organiser Michael Eavis describes as “a shame”. Those registered from last year will not have to input their details again, whilst new registrations must be made by 9am on Friday 2 October, 48 hours before tickets are available. In in an online question and answer session on the offical festival website organiser Michael Eavis explained the increase in ticket price: “[The price has risen] a little bit, I’m afraid. “I do try and hold it down, but the girls doing the budgeting are so thorough and so clever, and they said: ‘Look, the minimum rise we can get away with is 10 quid more’. It is a shame, because I really wanted to hold the price.” Considered a success by organisers Michael and Emily Eavis, the deposit scheme where ticket holders can pay a preliminary £50 before paying the full amount by 28 February 2010 will once again be offered. 2010 will see Glastonbury festival celebrating its 40th anniversary.
POSTED: Mon 17/09/09 – Source: BBC Newsbeat

On Sunday, Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis revealed he already has “three or four” superstars lined up to headline the festival’s 40th anniversary next year. But they will struggle to improve on this year’s event, he added. “I seriously don’t think that we can ever do it better than we have this year,” the 73-year-old told reporters. Mr Eavis will pay a £3,000 fine after Bruce Springsteen’s set overran on Saturday – but he said it was worth it. The rocker went nine minutes past the curfew. “It’s not a lot of money, come on – the last nine minutes were absolutely spectacular,” Mr Eavis said. “He did a hell of a show. What energy that chap’s got! It’s probably the best show he’s done in his life.” Speaking about plans for next year, he said: “We’ve got one or two headliners that haven’t played for a few years.” He is also talking to two major bands that have never played at the event, he said – but declined to name names. “They’re all on the phone at the moment so there is the chance of something different again. “The bands that have never played before will be thinking they should come.” Mr Eavis also announced that he had made enough money this time to donate extra to the festival charities, Water Aid, Greenpeace and Oxfam. Last year the show was only able to give half the amount he had planned, he said. “We’ll double up on that. We’ll catch up on last year this year, so they’ll get a lot more money from this year.”
POSTED: Mon 29/06/09 – Source: BBC News Online

It was confirmed on Sunday that another three people voluntarily left the site after testing positive for Swine Flu. This brings the total number to six.
POSTED: Mon 29/06/09

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To say Glastonbury’s Sunday night headliners Blur are enjoying their reunion is a massive understatement. The band were so excited about their closing set on the Pyramid Stage, they came on around seven minutes early. And there were actual tears from Damon Albarn as it all got a bit much after an emotional rendition of To The End. The crowd lapped up Blur classics like Boys and Girls, Coffee and TV, This is a Low and a mass singalong for Tender. Plus there was not one but two encores which included Song 2, For Tomorrow and The Universal. They even brought Quadrophenia star Phil Daniels out for Parklife, which sent everyone mad. Watching Damon’s reaction to Blur being back on a big stage together after eight years did not get boring either.”I’m pleased we decided to do these gigs now,” Damon told the crowd, “it seems like there’s been a really, really positive atmosphere here.”

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The rumours that Justin Timberlake was on site, though, turned out to be rubbish. Someone had claimed he was going to perform with Black Eyed Peas but after trekking to see their Jazz World set the crowd found out it wasn’t true. Fans weren’t too impressed with’s constant references to London either. “What’s up London?” he asked at least 15 times. He also paid tribute to the late Michael Jackson with a DJ set in the middle.

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Veteran stars Tom Jones, Tony Christie, Madness and Status Quo also drew huge crowds during the day on the main Pyramid Stage. Nick Cave, Bon Iver, Glasvegas and Calvin Harris were among the other stars to appear across the site.
POSTED: Mon 29/06/09 – Source: BBC Newsbeat

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Three people have been sent home from the Glastonbury festival after being diagnosed with swine flu. According to STV, one Edinburgh University student and a ten year-old child were two of the three of those diagnosed. Glastonbury organisers said there was no further risk to fans at the Somerset bash. Officials explained that the three individuals were taken into isolation after being diagnosed before they headed home. “This was anticipated,” said Glastonbury spokesperson Christo Hird. “There is no more risk here than anywhere. The figure of three in 177,000 people is regarded as very low.”
POSTED: Sun 28/06/09 – Source: NME Online

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Bruce Springsteen has become The Boss of Glastonbury after a two-and-a-half hour crowd-pleasing headline set. Hits like Dancing in the Dark, Glory Days and Born To Run got fans moving as the star made his first UK festival appearance at the Somerset event. Springsteen got close to his British fans with repeated runs from the stage to sing right next to the front row. “What happened to all the rain?” Springsteen asked the crowd as the show got under way. “I wore my boots.” In black T-shirt and blue jeans, the 59-year-old star was not short of the indefatigable passion and down-to-earth devotion that have always defined his on-stage persona. The 25-song stint stretched into all corners of his blood, sweat and tear-stained catalogue. But it was not a greatest hits show. He never plays Born in the USA, perhaps his biggest anthem, live these days, although the Glastonbury crowd tried their best to persuade him by chanting its chorus. On No Surrender, from the Born in the USA album, Springsteen was joined by Brian Fallon, singer with up-and-coming band The Gaslight Anthem and a fellow New Jersey native. Earlier, The Boss had made a surprise appearance on one song with The Gaslight Anthem during their slot on the John Peel Stage, the traditional home of new bands at the festival.

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Other acts to draw crowds on Saturday included rapper Dizzee Rascal, comedy rockers Spinal Tap, indie stars Kasabian and reggae-folk singer Paolo Nutini. Revellers enjoyed warm, sunny weather after downpours on Thursday and Friday.
POSTED: Sun 28/06/09 – Source: BBC News Online

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Neil Young finally made it to Glastonbury (on June 26) – headlining the Pyramid Stage – 12 years after he was forced to pull out through injury. The Canadian legend, forced to pull out in 1997 after cutting his finger while making a ham sandwich, played a two-hour plus set featuring a host of his classic songs, including ‘Cinnamon Girl’, ‘Hey Hey My My (Into The Black)’ and his 1972 US Number One single ‘Heart Of Gold’. However, the biggest singalong was reserved for Young’s 1989 single ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’, which featured several false endings. After taking a long bow, Young and his band returned to the stage, finishing with a feverishly-received version of The Beatles’ ‘A Day In The Life’. Young made no mention of the death on Friday (June 25) of Michael Jackson, and the strongly rumoured guest appearance of his former bandmates, Crosby, Stills And Nash, did not materialise. The trio play the same stage on Saturday (June 27).
POSTED: Sat 27/06/09 – Source: NME Online

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The Ting Tings returned to Glastonbury (on 26 June) after shooting to fame. The Manchester pop two-piece stormed the Other Stage with wall-to-wall hits, warming up for headliners Bloc Party as the sun set on Worthy Farm. Katie White was visibly moved by the reaction to tracks from their smash album ‘We Started Nothing’. “Two years ago we played here for 75 people, so thank you so much for coming to see us!” she said. Jamming out towards the show’s climax, Jules De Martino performed a DJ intermission, dropping Aerosmith’s ‘Walk This Way’ and the theme from ‘Ghostbusters’. As they closed with ‘That’s Not My Name’, White declared: “This song is about being invisible!”
POSTED: Sat 27/06/09 – Source: NME Online

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Lily Allen was busy battling it out with Lady GaGa at Glastonbury last night to see who could wear the most outrageous outfit.The Lonndoner took to the stage in cleavage-bearing jump suit and pink wig, while the outrageous American showed even more of her buttocks than usual in a design that seemed to be inspired by a discoball. But good old Lily still found to offer a tribute to the late Michael Jackson as she slipped a single long white glove onto her right hand. Allen took to the Pyramid stage in the early evening, singing her way through a set that included her hits LDN, Smile, The Fear and her cover of Britney Spears’ Womanizer. She launched into a tirade against the British National Party, and during her song F*** You instructed the crowd to raise their middle fingers in protest against the political party. There were further shenanigans when Lily suffered a wardrobe malfunction before her performance of Littlest Things. According to one review website, she joked about her ‘tit tape’ falling out before cheekily exposing her breast to the audience. It was the third consecutive time Lily has played at Glastonbury. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, made her debut at the festival this year. The New Yorker, 23, played on the Other Stage at 8pm. Her performance was suitably dramatic, featuring costume changes and a pyrotechnic spraying from her chest. At one point she stood on a revolving platform to play a giant keytar that spun around to reveal her fishnet-clad buttocks to the audience. Her set included Paparazzi and Just Dance. She ended her show with the hit Poker Face.
POSTED: Sat 27/06/09 – Source: Mail Online

News of Michael Jackson’s death spread around the site like wildfire last night. Many people heard about his death on social networking via their mobile phones. The news soon spread across the camp where it was also announced on load speakers. Teenage Australian singer Gabriella Cilmi has become the first artist to pay tribute to Michael Jackson on the Pyramid Stage. During her performance she slipped in a few lines from his hit song Billie Jean to cheers from fans. Other bands playing over the weekend are expected to honour singer Jackson, who has died at the age of 50. Festival organiser Emily Eavis called him a “truly great artist”. She added: “There will be tributes all over the site, all weekend”. Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis added: “You realise what a fantastic legend we’ve lost, the like of which we can’t really replace”.
POSTED: Fri 26/06/09

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Forecasts became true as Glastonbury revellers had a rough night last night as torrential rain and thunderstorms crossed the site. The heavy rain has turned some of the site into mud-baths although festival-goers seem high spirited about it and some say they would actually be disappointed to have a dry Glastonbury festival. Further showers are possible today and Saturday but the worst has passed through and warm sunshine is now expected to be the dominant weather.
POSTED: Fri 26/06/09

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The Streets frontman, Mike Skinner has kept his world and made a crop circle of his face. They spent 24 hours on a tractor to make the creation. Mike said he wants his face “to be seen from space”.
POSTED: Thurs 25/06/09

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Thousands of music fans are already at Glastonbury for the now traditional mix of mud and music. Maximo Park are opening things up with a set chosen by their fans. More than 90,000 were already on the Worthy Farm site by Thursday morning. To give fans a taster of what’s to come a host of bands will perform at the festival on Thursday night including Metronomy, Golden Silvers, Hot Chip, and East 17. Mystery Jets will also be DJing ahead of the opening day.
POSTED: Thurs 25/06/09 – Source: BBC Newsbeat

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At 8am this morning the gates of the Glastonbury Festival were opened for the 39th event. It is estimated that 60,000 people have already arrived for the festival that starts on Friday. That is the most people to arrive on the opening day which caused chaos on the roads around the site. Traffic queues apparently tailed back to Shepton Mallet and Castle Cary train station was closed for a time as it was too full. The weather was very sunny with just a few cloudy patches. However, revellers are warned to bring their waterproofs as thunderstorms are likely for Somerset on Friday and Saturday.
POSTED: Weds 24/06/09

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Michael Eavis has announced he’s passing the baton of organising Glastonbury festival to his daughter in 2012. He will stand down after the event in June 2011, when Emily Eavis and her fiance Nick Dewey will take the reigns. Emily has been instrumental to the festival’s growth over the years; she pioneered the introduction of the Park Stage and triumphed with her idea to get hip-hop star Jay-Z to headline last year. Emily is due to marry Nick at the notorious Stone Circle on the Glastonbury site in August. They will take over the house at Worthy Farm, which Michael and his wife Liz have moved out of. Michael told The Guardian they are making way for a “new generation of Eavises”.
POSTED: 23/06/09 – Source: BBC 6 Music

Punters at this year’s Glastonbury Festival are to be offered free Chlamydia tests. Anyone aged between 15 and 24 will be able to visit a screening centre at six “information points” around the site at Worthy Farm in Somerset. The sexually transmitted infection (STI) has no symptoms in more than half of men and 70% of women. If left untreated Chlamydia can cause major infertility problems. One in 12 sexually active people between 15 and 24 in the UK test positive and it’s the UK’s fastest spreading sexual infection. Anyone returning a DIY urine test kit at Glastonbury will get a free glow-in-the-dark sperm key ring or glow-in-the-dark condom. Sara Dove, NHS Chlamydia screening service manager, said: “The service is completely free, confidential and easy and so are the test results. “People can choose how to receive their result (a discreet message by text or email, a letter or by phone). “For those testing positive the treatment is simple and painless, just four antibiotic tablets taken at once.”
POSTED: 18/06/09 – Source: BBC Newsbeat

La Roux singer Elly Jackson has been talking about this year’s Glastonbury. Talking to Radio 1’s Newsbeat she said “I’m looking forward to it, I’m just hoping it’s not going to rain,” “This year my aims are to see The Gossip, I’d really like to see Peaches, um, Geldof, obviously,” she jokes, referring to the raunchy Canadian electroclash singer. “I’d quite like to see Florence live and White Lies, it’d be interesting to see what Lady GaGa does at Glastonbury too.” Coming from an arty family, you’d be forgiven for thinking Elly Jackson might be a regular at Worthy Farm. “I’ve never actually been,” she admits, “because I made a pact with my sister when I was about 13, 14 – we’d both been on the phone for about four hours just ringing, ringing, ringing trying to get tickets. “And I thought neither of us were going to get through, then just before the cut-off point she got like five tickets and I didn’t get one and I was on the other phone and I was devastated, like so bummed. “She didn’t want to take her little sister with her to Glastonbury, do you know what I mean? I didn’t get tickets, so I said, ‘Fine, I’m not going ’til I’m playing’.”
POSTED: 18/06/09 – Source: BBC Newsbeat

A year after his controversial comments about Jay-Z playing the Glastonbury Festival, Oasis star Noel Gallagher has taken aim at Franz Ferdinand. Giving his verdict on this year’s line-up, he joked: “If I’d have had anything to do with that bill, Franz Ferdinand wouldn’t have been on it.” Speaking about his old Britpop rivals Blur, he said: “If you were a Blur fan it will be extremely exciting for you.” “I like Bruce [Springsteen],” Gallagher said. “I don’t know, do I like Bruce? I don’t own any of his records. I like Crosby, Stills and Nash. I love Neil Young.” Gallagher said: “Particularly if you’re a Blur fan that’s come along since the how ever many years it is they’ve not been doing nothin’, and you’ve almost waited a lifetime to see them – it will be quite exciting I would have thought.” And he said he was a fan of other bands on the bill: “I love The Specials – I’ve just been to see The Specials.” “The Script are playing, they’re brilliant, and The Wombats,” Gallagher added after his comments on Franz Ferdinand. Noel Gallagher was speaking to Sharuna Sagar for BBC 6 Music.
POSTED: 16/06/09 – Source: BBC News Online

Glastonbury organisers are refusing to name a “top” act who are appearing over health and safety concerns. Michael Eavis and daughter Emily Eavis, who book bands for the world-famous music event – which takes place in Somerset next month – say they have booked a “huge” band but are scared to let fans know who the mystery act is in case they attract too many people wanting to watch their set. Emily Eavis revealed to BBC 6 Music: “There’s a really top surprise on The Park stage which will definitely not come out because otherwise we’d have a health and safety issue. You can start guessing. “I don’t think it will ever be announced. It will just happen for those people that happen to be there, hopefully for the people that are fans of the band.” This year’s Glastonbury will be headlined by Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Blur. Other acts on the bill include Lily Allen, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Status Quo, Will Young, The Prodigy, Kasabian and Fleet Foxes.
POSTED: 28/05/09 – Source: My Park Magazine

Blur, Springsteen and Neil Young headline this year’s bash in Somerset. The full Glastonbury Festival line-up has been revealed online. The official word is out there, with Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Blur all headlining the Pyramid stage over the festival weekend from June 26 – 28. Crosby, Stills & Nash are also set to play on the Saturday night. Fans will have to wait and see if they’re joined by bandmate Neil Young to make the full complement of the supergroup – although Young is scheduled to take to the stage a day earlier, on the Friday. While the line-up appears dominated by vintage acts, there are plenty of younger bands for fans to see; Bat for Lashes, Bloc Party, White Lies and Glasvegas are all gracing the Other Stage. The Park stage will be playing host to Bon Iver, Animal Collective and Cold War Kids. As previously reported by 6 Music, the John Peel stage will be headlined by Jarvis Cocker, Doves and Echo And The Bunnymen. There’s also a new area at the festival this year – William’s Green. It’s named after Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis’ grandfather, the first person to plant crops at the festival site, Worthy Farm. It’s scheduled to be opened by Maxïmo Park, who will play there on Thursday June 25, before the festival gets in full swing the following day. Some lighter moments at the festival should come in the form of Abba tribute act Bjorn Again, who open the Pyramid stage on Friday and Spinal Tap, who play on Saturday. Check out the full line-up Here.
POSTED: 25/05/09 – Source: BBC 6 Music

Maximo Park are to launch 2009’s Glastonbury festival – with an appearance on a brand new stage. The band, who released their third album ‘Quicken The Heart’ this week, are to kick off proceedings on Thursday, June 24 at 4pm at the William’s Green Area. Only 1,500 people will be able to fit in thew new space, which is named after Michael Eavis’s grandfather, but the show will be broadcast on screens across the site. “Glastonbury’s still a festival that takes chances, as proven by Jay-Z’s triumphant appearance last year,” says Maximo frontman Paul Smith. “So it’s an honour for us to be the first band on, in such intimate surroundings. It’s also an excuse to hang out and watch loads of brilliant music ’til we play the Other Stage on Saturday!”
POSTED: 13/05/09 – Source:

The Glastonbury Festival could be cancelled if the Swine Flu outbreak becomes worse. Micheal Eavis called the festival organisers to an extraordinary general meeting to discuss the prospect of cancelling the event amid fears of a pandemic. Planners are worried that the government will advise the festival should not go ahead if the spread of the, potentially fatal, Swine Flu gets worse. An official Glastonbury spokesman said “We are monitoring all developments. At this stage the festival is going ahead and we are continuing to work flat out to make it a success”.
POSTED: 06/05/09

Lady Gaga is set to play this year’s Glastonbury Festival. The Poker Face singer will take to the stage at the event on the opening night, Friday 26 June. Whilst supporting Take That on a number of their summer stadium tour dates the singer will also play her first UK headline tour this summer. As previously announced, this year’s Glastonbury will be headlined by Neil Young, Blur and Bruce Springsteen. Tickets for the event are now sold out.
POSTED: 06/05/09 – Source: BBC News Online

The Glastonbury Festival has now completely sold out. The final tickets went on sale yesterday. The 137,500 tickets went on sale in October, earlier than ever, after last year failing to sell out in advance. Tickets that were not paid for in full or refunded went on sale again yesterday and completely sold out by the end of the day.
POSTED: 06/04/09

Glastonbury Festival organisers are planning to mark its 40th anniversary next year by booking 40 bands from the past 40 years to play the 2010 event. Michael Eavis founded the event in 1970 on his Somerset dairy farm.
POSTED: 04/03/09 – Source: BBC 6 Music

Michael Eavis has announced that Bruce Springteen will play at the Glastonbury Festival in June, he said “He’s one of the all-time rock legends and I’m confident that this will be one of our best shows ever”. Later in the week Michael also hinted that Blur will perform too. He said “You can look forward to that yeah, but it’s not officially announced yet”.
POSTED: 01/03/09

The Glastonbury Festival has sold 90% of tickets for this summer’s event, founder Michael Eavis has said. The 137,500 tickets went on sale in October, earlier than ever, after last year failing to sell out in advance. Mr Eavis, who hosts the show on his Somerset farm, revealed he has four headliners lined up for the June event – two English and two from the US. He was speaking as he picked up an award for environmental work at the Midem music conference in France. “You’ll be amazed when you hear the headliners we’ve got coming this year, and we’ve already sold 90% of the tickets for this year already,” he said. “We’ve got four headliners at the moment. If they all confirm, then I’ve got two headliners for Saturday.” He declined to reveal who they were because the stars have tickets on sale for their own summer shows across Europe. Bands play Glastonbury for “very little money”, Mr Eavis said, so are given the chance to sell their own tickets before the festival line-up is announced.
POSTED: 25/01/09 – Source: BBC News Online

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